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10 Ways to Identify a Player

Identifying players is never an easy task.Sometimes these people are so good at the game and so slick that some of them really believe what they say. and it’s game over, so they don’t necessarily “lie”. But they have to be more cunning than that. By acting with integrity and honesty, you are more likely to protect whoever your prey is for as long as they want. But some truly want more than these players can offer. The sooner you find a player, the sooner you can run in the opposite direction and avoid wasting time and energy. Being with the players is a thrilling and exciting experience. Still, it’s one of those experiences that only needs to be experienced once and they know what it is. There are 10 rules for:

1. Call by a friendly name from the beginning

It may look sweet and innocent at first, but this is a technique that will lure you in from the start. Players will try to weaken their defenses. When they do this, you are more likely to accept them and move along with their agenda. The stronger the emotional bond, the more likely the desire will be fulfilled and the longer it will hold you back. To avoid being lured in, either stop at the beginning (you’ll see it repeated frequently throughout this article) or back down and stay alert. And being vigilant means always evaluating what they say and deciding whether it’s true or not. Always pay attention to their behavior.

2. Try to hit a home run as soon as possible

I hope this is clear. We all know the name of the dating game is just SEX. Players are no exception, they look forward to having sex with as many partners as possible. It’s a sense of conquest and brings an exciting challenge every time you find new prey. The big difference from the desire for normal sex is that the player is confident and aggressive. They know they have a high sex factor and they choose it from the start. The sooner they take control and grab their prize, the sooner they can move on to the next victim.Players create opportunities to act even when they’re not in the mood

3. Talk about various sexual fantasies that try to lure you in

This may make your sex life with the player exciting and exciting. But again, players make their victims of choice feel special or different, and feed on the special sexual escapism they share together. affects the sense of dominance in the ‘relationship’. For some, it’s not a physical pleasure, but the feeling of taking home a prize, much like an athlete brings home a trophy or a fisherman brings home a cooler full of fish. Given that you’re with a trusted friend who knows style, ask a player for their number and they’ll have endless stories of their experiences. , is another way to build ego and confidence in the game to gain endorsements and praise from others.

4. Never leave your phone

This goes without saying. Players and serial players alike are ubiquitous. Of course, their phones go off-hook, net wide, and whoever gets caught is thrown in with the others. You can’t, so keeping your phone nearby gives you the chance to hide other prospects from you. Hiding does not necessarily mean lying. In the player’s eyes, they are honest with you. If you happen to be with a player that day, chances are they’ll put your phone on silent and out of your sight. not someone else. You can keep it where you need it as long as you get the illusion that your prospect is paying attention.

5. Disappear for a day without warning

This also returns to reason 4. A true player, like any other player, has only 24 hours in a day, so he must work quickly and smartly to take maximum casualties. One way he does it is by giving each one a “day” of focused attention. Maybe keep you in bed, wooing you, and calling you “baby.” No matter what, they pull that trick out of their hat. They have studied thousands of members of the opposite sex and know certain behaviors and are attuned to them. This disappearance means that if they know you will get away with it and that they still need you, what will they do? It’s also a test in their book to see if they can keep you around just as long.

6. Very charming and good at complimenting

If they’re not attractive, they’re not going anywhere. Compliment takes you everywhere with people. Feed a person’s ego, build them up and they’ll be putty in your hands. The better the prey feels around the player, the more it will stick to them. This goes without saying, someone who doesn’t want to make someone feel like they have a million dollars. Giving this false sense of security gives players a better chance of getting back what they want from prospects. Some players can be very sincere with their compliments. What sets them apart is knowing how to use it to accomplish hidden tasks. So take each compliment with a grain of salt. This skill is easy to develop, especially for players studying the behavior of the opposite sex.

7. Don’t spend time getting to know yourself as a person

This is obvious and this applies to players and regular dates as well. If they only want one thing then all they are focused on is the finish line. Don’t bother with all the fluff on the side. Giving them a chance to get to know you more creates a chance that they might be interested in you or care about you. Keeping them sane (or better) is what gives them control. Better tell them. Or ask them about their life. They may be silent when you discuss their life, or just nod and move on to the next topic. You are a challenge to them, and the more they ignore you, the less guilty they will feel when they leave.

8. You don’t share much of your private life or interests.

This defense mechanism is a very powerful one. Sending you the message that what they share is under hidden locks and locks, 1) feeling that their business is too important to confide in you, and 2) telling you why. I don’t want to give a . Stay longer than necessary. Most players like to break hearts, so it won’t be like that. The thrill of chasing and catching is much more important to them. If they can avoid big scenes and confrontations, a cleaner break can let them escape to other prospects, if they’re serial his players and go down the list like dominoes. The least they want is a psycho or badger. After all, they can’t always change their phone number. Then you lose a potential “callback” should the needed opportunity arise.

9. Likes to dominate relationships

This also goes back to the player’s need to feed his ego. The more they have control over the “relationship”, the more they can push and pull as needed. They may want you one day, but not another day, depending on whether they feel the need to play the game. By doing, they can guide the relationship to carry out their hidden plans. They may cut it off to keep you guessing and confused. As long as they can get away with this behavior they will do it. Stop and move on to the next person (or even others they were around).

10. Doesn’t or doesn’t want to introduce you to the important people in their life..

This is like not sharing their life with you. They don’t want you to be attached to your family and vice versa. Being the cool girl/guy in the eyes of the important people in your life will make you more likely to stick with the player’s life for longer than it should for you. This means less luggage to keep the player ready to fly whenever an issue arises. Players don’t want to see their projects in any other light than they serve their purpose. Attachment creates the potential for conflict when we begin to see the victim as more emotionally valuable.

It is a difficult game to play against players. Especially if they’re doing something they’re good at and have been doing it for a while. But if you’re ready, have your eyes open to spot their “player” behavior, and don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s a unique behavior only for you, join the ring. Please! Players are not unstoppable and there is nothing worse for them than having their prospects cut. Do what you have to do for whatever purpose you feel you need them for, be it physical, emotional, social, or developing player skills. Player mate kneels. Players eat their ego, but that is ego collapse. Have fun playing!

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