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Why Can’t I Hire The Right Sales People?

Candidate screening is one of the most difficult tasks facing recruiters and managers. Most people say that screening sales talent is the hardest. why? Salespeople are trained in persuasion. They know how to provide the desired answer to a question. Even more difficult is when interviewing salespeople who have worked for competitors. These salespeople know the language and industry buzzwords, making them even more difficult to sift through. please do not worry! It’s possible to screen for sales talent well, but there’s more to do before looking at resumes.

The most important step a company can take is to develop a sales talent screening program. This will help focus your initiative. The program’s mission is to provide data that allows the determination of a candidate’s pedigree and desirable profile. So think in terms of formulating a marriage, a sales marriage.

The program should be fully documented, step-by-step through the components of the screening program. It is best to define who will interview the candidate and their role in the interview process. You need to define the tools to use and their purpose. Below are his seven key ingredients for an effective sales talent screening program.

1. Your ideal sales rep profile. It always amazes me how many companies have fully documented profiles of their ideal clients. But few people have the ideal salesperson profile. How can I screen if I don’t know what I’m screening for? Many of you have a clear picture of your ideal spouse’s profile. My bet is that most of your close friends is that you can rattle your profile in a heartbeat. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, how do you find it?

This profile should be fully detailed. Areas you might cover in your profile include experience you expect the candidate already has, skills the candidate should already have, and skills you don’t want to teach. The truth is, this is a broad topic to which I’ve devoted another article. (Send me an email and I’ll send you a link to that article.)

Not having a fully defined ideal salesperson profile is the most common cause of bad sales marriages. It’s also a major point of frustration between sales managers and recruiters. Recruiters often say it feels like they’re throwing darts blindfolded.

2. Always recruit. In sales, there is an old expression. “The hardest part of making a sale is when you really need it.” Same goes for hiring. If there is an open slot on the sales team, it will be an all-hands exercise to fill it. Earnings goals are at risk while the seat is open. This makes many people forget about the ideal salesperson profile to fill a seat. is empty again.

Recruitment activities for sales positions are conducted throughout the year. The best sales forces are always looking for top sales talent. Find a company that identifies a strong candidate who fills the profile who would not find a way to hire this individual. Unusual to say the least. Sales teams have turnovers, either by the company or by employees. It is best to have a candidate portfolio ready rather than starting the process of introducing candidates when a seat is available. Poor hiring decisions are made because people are desperate to fill seats. Empty seats are a cost to a company that has vacancies every day. Still, the cost is even more painful when an unfit person fills the seat.

3. Reverse interview. A good technique is a reverse interview, as the purpose of this process is to allow both parties to determine if marriage should be formulated. This is an interview conducted by a member of the sales team who will be a colleague if the candidate is hired. It is important that the individuals selected to participate in this step are loyal, knowledgeable, and positive about the company. But the “interviewer” doesn’t ask the candidate anything. As you know, it is very easy to get carried away if you are asked an illegal question. Therefore, it is undesirable for untrained people to ask questions. He has two goals for this sales talent selection program. The first is to give candidates the opportunity to ask questions of their colleagues if they are hired. Essentially, it’s how they photograph a day in this work life.

The second purpose is to measure how the candidate prepares for the sales call. You will be debriefed with a “reverse interviewer” to see what questions were asked. If candidates took advantage of this opportunity, they brought up prepared insightful questions and wrote down their answers. If not, how do candidates prepare for the sales call? How interested are they really in this job? Do you ask questions like Needless to say, does an error of judgment signal a red flag for concern?

4. Standard interview questions. Many candidates are often screened for a single job slot. This creates a need to be able to compare candidates to each other in addition to profiles. To do this, you need a standard set of interview questions. Responses are documented during the interview and reviewed after the candidate leaves the office. These questions are not designed to provide right or wrong answers. It is designed to see if this candidate’s thought process aligns with your business needs and ideal salesperson profile.

When creating your list of standard questions, it’s helpful to include some common sales scenarios in your environment. “Your client is hesitant about the price of your proposal. What would you do?” It’s also helpful to ask questions that show what drives this person. It’s always interesting to know how you ended up in a career in sales as very few colleges have a ‘sales’ major. “Why did you choose a sales job out of the occupations you could choose from?”

A hot topic in today’s recruiting industry is a powerful tool: behavioral interviewing. Behavioral interviewing, also called competency-based interviewing, focuses on past behavior. As my doctor friends always say, the best way to predict future behavior is past behavior. The idea here is not to ask arbitrary questions, but to ask questions that help uncover areas that affect sales marriages. need to decide how to handle the “Tell me about a time when you had to adapt to change.” Like any good interview, it takes additional research to get to the root of the problem. “How did you cope? What did you learn from the experience?”

If you don’t have profiles to compare against, you can probably imagine how difficult it would be to put together the question of whether or not this marriage will work. Please email me if I can be of any help. Here are my favorite 28 standard questions when interviewing salespeople.

5. Mock sales call. There is no better way to see if someone is a good fit for your company’s sales environment than by placing them right! I have. I’ve found it most beneficial to present the scenario with a day’s notice so the candidate can prepare. They should be given the same amount of information that your company’s sales reps typically have before making the first sales call.

Company members participating in the exercises should be somewhat scripted. I say “to some extent” because I don’t want it to be unrealistically insipid, but without the script it can make the character harder to maintain.

The final piece you need to do this well is a score sheet. Understand what you are trying to measure in your process and score accordingly. Can they do a thorough needs analysis? Have you identified the challenges facing this prospect? Will you buy from them?

Scoring is best done by non-participants in the mock sales call. If someone writes down notes while the candidate is speaking, it will distract the candidate. What happens is that the candidate spends the rest of the exercise trying to read what is written.

6. Online Assessment Test. There are a myriad of tools that are very helpful in both the personality and skills screening process. If there is an error in the application of data from these tools. Few, if any, online appraisers suggest that their tools should be used for hire/reject decisions. Its most appropriate application is as an additional data point in a sales talent screening program.

Linda Moeller, product director at market leader Employee Continuum, has seen companies misuse this great tool. “We have seen many organizations fail to take organizational context into consideration when deciding the most appropriate rating to use. We assume that improvement is guaranteed. They are very different, they have the ability and ability to build successful customer relationships.”

7. The ultimate screening tool. Writing is a lost art. But we rely more than ever on written communication. Email! Is there anything worse than a bad email sent to a prospect? No matter how good your product or service is, your company now looks sloppy and unprofessional.

An effective selection method for sales personnel is the use of a mini business plan. Once the candidate has satisfactorily completed all other steps of the pre-offer process, a one-page business her plan is required that shows how to approach the job. I asked him 3 times he said he was only looking for a one page plan and when he could send it. As you will soon find out, it is important to ask the candidate for a submission date. not the other way around.

Of all the techniques I’ve used over the years, this is the one I’ve dropped the most candidates on, knowing it won’t work before this sales marriage is formulated. I was always happy.

This technique allows us to assess many important areas.

§ Does the document communicate coherently? If you were the client who received this document, what message would you receive about its author?

§ Do they understand what that role means? This component runs late in the process, so you need a clear picture of your job and expectations.

§ Is their approach aligned with management’s expectations? If you’re not happy with their game plan, it’s good to know now.

§ Will they be able to meet their self-imposed deadlines? If the plan is delayed, the candidate will be ineligible for the position.

§ Can they follow the instructions? I asked for synopsis material, not epic.

The sales talent selection program has many benefits. The most obvious impact is longer sales tenure for the sales team. This means better sales performance and lower turnover. This is nothing more than a contribution to the bottom line of any company.

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