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Being a Christian, Being Bipolar and a Prophetic Christian

manic high beats all

One day I asked a school friend with bipolar disorder like me, “Where does ‘manic’ stand high compared to all the drugs you’ve been on?”

“It beats everything,” he replied with a knowing smile.

The only drug I did was cannabis, it drove me crazy and I only took it a few times, but the more I refused, the more I was offered drugs for free by all sorts of people. So I have to take my friend’s advice on that.

Elation is so powerful and grandiose vision is so great that everyone will want to actually achieve what their heart tells them to do. For many years I believed that Christ was one of the last two prophets to come to earth just before His Second Coming. For these prophets there is one chapter of him in Revelation 11 and I wanted to know all about my work and spent years trying to find the “other” prophets. This caused me a lot of heartache. For many years I believed I was one of two prophets, but few seemed to agree with me. The idea of ​​him being one of the most important figures in world history made me feel a great deal of importance and greatly enhanced my low self-image.

The “high” in bipolar disorder is the feeling that you are totally powerful, that you are right, that everyone else is wrong, and that you are the only one who needs to go to the hospital when you need to go. You seem to think no. This hurts those who love me a lot.

Your friends and family are suffering.

My friends and family suffer from my illness and I am sure this is the reason why I continue to take medicine. I see my mother in tears and really worried, and this image will always be in my mind. I have a lot of compassion for the loved ones of those who are suffering.

The feeling that I was one of the two prophets mentioned above persisted during the next six years of hospital visits.

Antidepressants make me high.

I’ve been experiencing strange things and have been told it could be. I was in the middle of a chronic depression, but I was manic. It seems impossible, but it happened to me.

I was on about 6 antidepressants and after a few weeks they all turned manic. At that point, I had been awake for three days and hadn’t slept for two nights before my housemate reported me to the caseworker and medical personnel came in and questioned me.

Now let me add a notice to anyone who suffers from depression or knows someone who suffers from it. John’s wort. I took it in pill form and it worked very well for me. I take St. John’s wort once.It takes about 3 weeks.

You may lose your drug creativity.

As a writer, I lost my ability to write when I was on drugs. I wrote two of his 400-page novels and two of his 120-page movie scripts, but I was on medication for about three years, but I couldn’t write, and I was very sad. . I have taken back my gifts over the past few years and I am most happy about it. I must warn you that the urge to give up is very strong. I think for many artists, choosing between creativity and sanity is a really difficult choice.

Staying awake for days makes you talkative and creative.

It’s hard to describe or put into words how I felt when I was awake for two days. My creativity seems to increase and, in Christian terms, I become more “anointed.” It’s exciting to be able to stay up late with friends all day and then come home and stay up and have another day and night. Typing a message or writing something seems as easy as finding the keys on your keyboard. All my loved ones seem concerned to find out that I have been awake for a few days. You seem to know that you have been up all night. Man That Juggled Olives That Changed My Life Forever, which must be one of his best works to date, was written after staying up all night. Writing for me is something I love and I feel my illness helps with this. I believe that once my illness is removed, so will my gift of writing.

I lost confidence after 3 breakdowns.

I have to say that having bipolar disorder is no easy task. One of the things it has done to me is that it has robbed me of some of my confidence. The idea of ​​working full-time is beyond me at this point.

Bipolar also has a stigma that takes its toll.

People think you’re stupid because you have something in your head. As a born-again Christian who hears a voice from God, this puts me in an interesting camp. This sort of thing puts me on the sidelines and fringes in my Christian experience. Because I hear a “voice” people assume that I never heard the right “voice” and should not hear what I say.

Of course, when I consult a specialist, they call my voice an auditory hallucination, so it doesn’t help much. I’ve been seeing doctors over the years so I’m not really sure what they’re thinking, but they don’t believe in God, so I can’t be sure I’m hearing from God. I don’t think so.

On the other hand, the church I go to today doesn’t seem to have a problem with demonic possession, and they aren’t very helpful either. This is upsetting.

Sometimes I would like to know a Christian expert on mental illness. Those who know that the “voices” I hear are both the Holy Spirit and demons, know the difference if they are these spirits “in me” or simply communicating with me Man.

Not only are we misunderstood and prejudiced, we have to suffer alone or talk to other friends who suffer together. I realized that this loneliness helped my relationship with Jesus.

People may say I’m too spiritual. People seem to want to keep Jesus Christ and their spiritual lives in the compartments of their lives that appear only on Sundays.

No one wants to listen in the mental health system.

One thing that upsets me after being in the mental health system for about 12 years is that no one seems to take me seriously. But no one seems to delve into the core issues of a person’s life and refer them to a counselor who can help with these emotional issues. It upsets me because I feel I’m not the only one.

One of the great things I have to say is that the meds for me really work.When I’m not on the meds, my voice goes crazy and tricks me into doing really weird things. Without drugs, I think I’ll be in jail all the time.

Sadly, the church seems to have let me down and the mental health system has let me down in some ways and both seem to be at odds with each other. said that if hearing God’s voice is a prerequisite to becoming psychotic, most preachers in the world should be on medication.

The educated world is based on science, but what is going on inside is spiritual.

In the world of science, neither Noah’s flood nor Moses’ ten plagues nor Jesus Christ’s miracles happened.

Yet I know a man who made two bottles of cola appear out of nowhere, a man who raised a man from the dead by prayer, a man who blessed an oil that healed cows in an entire region, and another man. . Dead after being dead for three days. They both live in India and are performing powerful miracles of Jesus Christ today.

I know that many of my articles will not convince skeptics of spiritual matters. I am not writing these things to educate doctors. I am writing to share my heart with Christians who suffer from or know people with bipolar disorder.

I suffer because sometimes all I can do is sleep.

Mentally ill people suffer. I’m waking up tonight simply because he’s stuck in a cycle of sleeping all day for 3 days and if it continues he’s depressed. I’m trying to break that vicious circle because I don’t want it to happen.

You can’t get out of clinical depression.

Clinical depression is not something you can get out of easily. I know Jesus Christ and His peace and joy can negate it, but you have to access such blessings. St. John’s wort doesn’t seem to be trending with doctors because it’s been said to be dangerous to take with other prescription medications. St. John’s wort is often worth it if you take it from someone suffering from major depression.

Hearing evil spirits is not good.

In my suffering, I often hear voices that I think are the Holy Spirit (the voice of God) when they are actually demons (fallen angels) masquerading as the Holy Spirit. This false Jesus speaking to me is very harmful to me and can distort some things for me and lead me to say or do bad things. , the pastor who runs the good church I started attending told me what to listen to in my “voice” to see if it was the Holy Spirit. A good friend of mine with bipolar disorder asks the same question, so I’ve taken it now. 1 John 4:1-6 speaks to this point.

It is this spirit who has told me that I am one of the last two prophets and has gotten me into all sorts of trouble over the years. As Christians, we are tempted to turn off and not listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and the voice of this Spirit. I did it once a year.

I told my doctor once that I could turn my voice off if I wanted to. I told him if he was hearing the voice of God, would he try not to raise his voice. He told me that God does not exist. It wasn’t a useful conversation but apart from what really shocked him I was surprised he had about 300 patients and another patient didn’t tell him the same .

There are many people who hear voices, and there are people who make money by doing it as mediums or clairvoyants.

Hearing from God brings blessings.

Others hear the Holy Spirit very clearly and receive messages to individuals or groups of people. This gift is called prophecy. At church, every few weeks the Lord gives me a message for the people in the church. I am often happy when the songs and messages preached that day match the prophecies.

Many times I receive messages from God to strangers. People are very happy to receive messages from God, and most of them are very blessed with them. Something as simple as telling a man and a woman that they should get married because God designed them for each other often brings great joy to the woman and instills confidence in the man.

I hope the time I spent on this helps you. I hope this helps you understand a little more about my mental illness. I also have symptoms of schizophrenia, but I didn’t put that in the title.

I’m not going to mute my voice. The gift of prophecy has brought me and others many blessings. For a year now, I have provided free prophecies to Christians around the world on the web. It’s amazing how blessed some people are.

I have my ups and downs, but some people suffer more than I do.

God bless!

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