Book Summary: The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

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Book Summary: The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

A companion reader to the 17 Inalienable Laws

of teamwork, here is a clear character profile of

An ideal team player. Maxwell highlights several main features

of a good team player: deliberate, or she is focused

big picture, relational, others-centered, selfless,

Willing to take a back seat for the benefit of the team, and

Tenacious – works hard to overcome obstacles, no matter what


1. Adjustment: If you will not change for the team, e

The team may change the YouTeam players who have a high probability

Become adaptable with the following characteristics:

a) they have a high learning ability;

b) they are emotionally secure;

c) they are creative; and,

d) They are service minded people.

To achieve such a property, below


a) get used to studying;

b) reassess your role in the team; and, c) to think

outside the lines

2. Cooperation: working together precedes victory

Together cooperation is the key word when it comes to this

meet challenges as a team. Cooperation is just

to work together in a pleasant way, but cooperation means

work together more aggressively. Every player in the team

We must bring something more to the table, and not only that

invest his minimum required work.

A co-op team player should change in four

Key areas:

a) perception; in relation; c) zip code; and d) results

3. Committed: There are no half-hearted champions

Commitment is usually discovered in the midst of

distress. Committed people do not give up easily.

It does not depend on gifts or abilities. more accurate,

It is a result of choice. The commitment continues as it is

based on values. If that’s something you believe in

B, easier to maintain.

To improve the level of commitment, there are:

– Relationship of commitments to values.

– To take a risk.

– Assessing the commitment of team members.

4. Communicative: a team is many voices with a

Single Heart Communication team players are not isolated

themselves from others; Facilitate team members

communicate with them; Do the twenty four hour

rule; Pay attention to potential difficulties

relations; And, tracking important communications

in writing. To improve communication you are expected to:

a) be frank; b) be quick; and, c) be inclusive.

5. Competent: If you can’t, your team won’t

Competent does not simply mean having adequate skills

perform work. This means that the individual must be

Highly skilled to do the job well. to improve

The level of competence, there are:

a) Focus yourself professionally;

b) sweat the small stuff;

c) Give more attention to the application.

6. Trusted: Teams switch to Go-To players

The essence of reliability:

– Pure motives. If there are no hidden agendas

The team will move forward.

– Ability to take responsibility. the group

The player must want the ball and be able to sink it in

the basket and the score.

– Right thinking and good judgment, when it counts.

– Consistent contribution, no matter how tired,

Overwhelmed or distracted, you must be able to


To improve reliability, you must: a) check the

motives; b) Find out what your word is worth.; and,

C) Find someone to hold you accountable.

7. Disciplined: where there is will, there is victory

Discipline is doing what you really don’t want to do,

So you can do what you really want to do. This

It means paying the price so you can get the prize

Later. become the type of player teams want,

People must develop discipline in three areas.

– Disciplined thinking. Keep your brain active, and

Always think about the right things.

– Disciplined emotions. Or you control yours

emotions, or to be taken over by them.

– Disciplined actions. Action separates the winners

from the losers When people act on what they must do,

This is for the benefit of all those on the team.

8. Enlargement

Adding value to teammates is priceless

Team members love a player who can inspire

outshine. The players of the team which

increase their teammates common characteristics:

– Growers value their teammates.

– Growers value what their teammates value.

– Magnifiers add value to their teammates.

– Magnifiers make themselves more valuable.

How do we become magnifiers?

– Believe in others before they believe in you.

– Serve others before they serve you.

– Add value to others before they add value to you.

Point out the strengths of your teammates, encourage and more

Move them outside of their comfort zone, but inside

Their gift area.

9. Enthusiastic: Your heart is the source of energy

To a team of people who bring an enthusiastic attitude

for teamwork often.

– Take responsibility for their enthusiasm.

– to act their way into the emotion. The only way to start

It’s easy to get started!

– Believe in what they do.

– Spend time with passionate people. Enthusiasm is


To improve enthusiasm, you need:

– Show a sense of urgency.

– Be willing to do more.

– Strive for excellence.

10. On purpose: Make every action count

Being intentional means working with a strong sense

of purpose Successful people never scatter

and random. They have a clear reason why they are

doing what they do For a team to succeed,

It needs purposeful people who are focused and

Productive, the kind of person who can do anything

Counting operations.

11. Aware of the mission: the big picture comes through loudly

And of course. The four attributes of a mission-conscious team

The players are the ff:

– They know where the team is going.

– They let the team leader lead.

– They put the team’s achievements before themselves.

– They do whatever it takes to accomplish the task.

To improve mission awareness you must:

– Check if your team is focused on their task.

– Find ways to remember the task.

– Contribute to the best of your ability as a team member.

12. Prepared: Preparation can be the difference between

Winner and loser

To be a more prepared team, consider the following:

a) assessment; b) Alignment; c) ratio; and, d) action.

To improve your readiness you should:

a) become a process thinker; b) do further research; and,

c) Learn from your mistakes.

13. Elevation: If you get along, others will go along

Teams want people who are relational. Look for the

The following in your team relations: a) respect;

b) shared experiences; c) trust; d) reciprocity; and,

e) Mutual enjoyment.

To treat your teammates better, you must: a) Focus

about others instead of about yourself; b) ask the right questions;

c) share common experiences; and, d) make others feel


14. Self-improvement: To improve the team, improve yourself

People who constantly improve themselves do three

process a continuous cycle in their lives: preparation,

reflection, and application.

To become self-improvement you must: a) be tall

teachable; b) plan your progress; c) Value

Self improvement over self promotion.

15. Selfless: There is no “I” in the team

As a team member, how do you cultivate an attitude of


– Be generous.

– Avoid internal politics.

– Show loyalty.

– Values ​​of interdependence over independence.

Be more selfless.

– Promote someone other than you.

– Take a subordinate position.

– Give in secret, without the other team members


16. Solution Oriented: Make a decision to find the

Solving your personality type, education and personal

History naturally affects how well you resolve.

Anyone can be solution oriented. solution oriented

People recognize these truths:

– Problems are a matter of perspective.

– All problems can be solved.

– Problems stop us or stretch us.

Make yourself a solution-oriented team player, you

must: a) refuse to give up; b) refocus your thinking;

c) rethink your strategy; and, d) repeat the process.

17. Stubborn: Never, never, never quit

Being tenacious means giving everything you’ve got, 100%

No more than you have. It has a connection

Working with determination, not waiting for fate.

Stubborn people do not rely on luck, fate or destiny

for their success. When the going gets tough,

They continue to work. Stop when the job is done, no

when you are tired Push yourself beyond what you think

you are able

To improve your tenacity, you must: a) work harder or

smarter; b) stand for something c) turn your work into a game.

Key thoughts:

“Care more about your character than yours

reputation, because character is what you really are,

Whereas your reputation is only what others think you are


-John Wooden, college basketball coach

“Although they only give gold medals in the field of

Athletics, I recommend everyone to look inside themselves

and find their personal dream, whatever it may be

be – sports, medicine, law, business, music, writing,

Whatever you say. The same principles apply. Make your dream come true

into a target and learn how to attack that target

systematically. Divide it into visible bite-sized pieces

Possible, then don’t give up. Just keep blocking.”

– John Naver, swimmer, four-time Olympic gold medalist

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