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Banish Seasonal Depression – Stress Busters For a Happy Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again when you start to work less, but feel the pressure from all sides: the pressure to be happy. We are surrounded by other people’s expectations of being bright and happy while trying to cram work, home and family, perhaps not to mention taking care of ourselves. , TV commercials, music on the radio, store decorations, messages from family and friends, all of which we have to accomplish in a very short time until the end of December. Christmas music, shelves full of luggage, pushing others as you move around the store, difficult driving situations, finding parking, early sales with several out-of-school kids tagging in, families The pros and cons of being prepared to visit contribute to the frenzy. Buy gifts, decorate your home or workplace, write and send seasonal letters and cards, and spend or indulge as you’re inspired to savor a special treat from Aunt Bee or Patsy. mosquito? How can I please everyone? We are exhausted just thinking about it. We are stressed, exhausted, and barely starting.

Conversely, the pressure to be happy may only make you feel more lonely. If you feel like you have no reason to celebrate, or don’t want to partake in a false expression of what you actually want to have fun with, you can sink deeper into the darkness.

Wherever you are on this scale, there are serious cases of seasonal stress.

1. Avoid unnecessary stress, such as running into debt, overeating, and lack of sleep due to worry and stress.

2. Analyze. do you have to do it all? do you have to do it all? Should I do it? Ask yourself why you’re accepting a gift or inviting someone. What happens if you bake less cookies or buy healthier ones like nuts or dried fruit instead? Are you trying to meet the expectations of others or set your own expectations too high? What happens if I give less or less?

3. Create a list so you know exactly what you are doing and when. Start with tasks that can be done well in advance of October, such as buying gifts and cards, buying wrapping paper, and baking materials and boxes.

4. Do your detective work early. Find your favorite charity or what your friends are interested in. Maybe you can make a donation in their name. You can help others, make friends feel better, and get some of your taxes back.

5. Decide on the maximum amount you will spend on gifts this year while lying by the pool during the summer holidays. If possible, calculate last year’s spending to use as a rough guide. Create a balance sheet and track remaining balances to help manage overspending. If you have money left over at the end of this exercise, splurge – get something for yourself or donate to your favorite charity.

6. Pause. Structures break down during your day. Take a deep breath, relax your chin, and loosen your fists.

7. Run errands early or late in the day to avoid crowds or when you can whim without the kids.

8. Be aware of marketing traps. Something is for sale so you need to have it?

9. Be aware of your credit cards, PIN numbers, and personal belongings. Please keep these personal numbers out of sight of those behind you in line. Please replace all cards and IDs after purchase. Better yet, don’t charge. Have a certain amount of cash ready when you leave and pay in cash instead. It’s also a good lesson for the kids you shop with.

10. Instead of buying gifts, do something nice. Carolyn Schmatz of the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine (2008) found that helping others made them feel better than those they helped. Let. Start a new habit. Instead of an office party, we brought goodies to the Salvation Army for Christmas.

If all of this season’s craze has put you down, write down all the reasons why you’re feeling down. Then add all the reasons you have to be grateful for. Usually this second list of his is longer. Do you have a roof over your head? Are you in good health? Do you have a friend out there that you can call to make them happier? Do you know someone in a worse situation than you? Except for special circumstances, there are people who have far more reasons for being depressed than you.

please do something good Invite someone who might be alone to play cards, cook with you, or answer the phone and say hello. Go to your local charity and help out for a day.

If someone calls you, invites you, or gives you something, you can accept their kindness unconditionally. Once mastered, it feels very liberating. It makes me feel grateful and happy.

How I think about the holiday season is to take a break at the end of the year to pause and appreciate the good things, share and receive kindness and love. never forget it.

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