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Jazz Yatra

Jazz is arguably the most controversial form of music (there are even diminished and controversial chords). So let me introduce my argument first. Jazz is musical improvisation, right? Indian classical music is improvisation, right? Certainly there are no Western harmonies in Indian music. But the key word here is improvisation, not harmony, right? Indian classical music has been around for over 2000 years. It wasn’t over 100 years ago that Americans discovered jazz. Now that we’ve identified India as the birthplace of jazz, let’s head to India’s Jazz Yatra.

On the first day, a cat (kangaroo?) emerged from below. Jamie Ohlers Quintet and the Perth Jazz Orchestra. Jamie opens. good band. great jazz. Jamie and his boys are fine. Go to Act 2. This is an extended remix of… uh, Act 1. Jamie and the boys have joined forces to form the Perth Jazz Orchestra! Hearing the powerful and dynamic sound of a big band is always thrilling. It reminds me what teamwork is. Each member seemed genuinely happy to be in a small part of the big picture.Big What stood out and outspoken about his band was reaching out to the audience with his rich, velvety voice. , caressed vocalist Mark was his Underwood. A very enjoyable evening. Good start for Jazz Yatra. I met many old and new friends who share a common love for live created music. The first day was an Aussie night out. Unfortunately, we were not able to hear their instruments called didgeridoos, didgeridos, etc.

Day 2 is Jazz Yatra’s trump card. American trumpeter Dave Douglas has been named the best trumpeter in the world by readers of Downbeat magazine and Archie comics. His Satya, led by Dave, sits down on stage. Just then Heaven passed by me with her tiniest black number. She tosses her hair and glances in my direction. Music starts. The band hasn’t started yet. chaos. the band starts. Twist your body back to earth. Sathya sits in a clean semicircle. Myra sitting cross-legged on the harmonium. Dave Cross with his eyes on the trumpet. Samir and Sangamitra traverse the country in tabla and tampura respectively. Dave looks like a snake charmer trying to charm a snake that has emerged from Samir’s tabla. It’s a band performance. Music plays. It certainly sounds appealing. I noticed a number of snakes in the audience slowly rising up and sliding down towards the water bottle flask I was holding. The crowd becomes restless, with collective murmurings, customary groans, and satya…several disapproving squeaks about raag given to us by Nath. Rang Bhavan is converted into a huge open air There is fear. Not Jazz by the bay. Mr. Compert appears and demands that the crowd stop disturbing the performers. He’s tempted to yell, “Performers are getting in our way.” The trumpeter may be hot, but what’s smokin’ right now is butterwadhad (a hot and spicy Indian snack). So I get up and head over to Snake, or Snack, at the dining room next to the restroom! And I’m not talking about toilets like Louis’ wife. I will not quit so easily. And guess what? Half of the band was joined by her three other musicians to form Myra Melfords ‘Same River Twice’ I am slowly beginning to understand the mathematics of music. Something interesting is happening at Jazz Yatra. A river flows. This band is wild. An avant-garde effort to push the boundaries of jazz. Myra, the pianist, is wonderful and definitely an inspiring bandleader. Dave is starting to sound like he got his vote. Bass player Jap Chap seems to be making more use of his headless and fretless basses.

Day 3 opens with Harsha Makalande’s solo ‘Hamburg Steinway Piano Tuned by Mr. Mistry’. Mr. Compere continued to make announcements a little more often than needed sponsors his plugs. Anyway, it looks like Harsha is rehearsing for her next big solo performance. At 7pm sharp, there are only a handful of jazz lovers in each seat, so he probably feels that way too. Then came the Vijay Iyer Quartet. We have a great group of musicians here. Each is their own virtuoso, with a set of academic achievements behind their music. It almost smelled like a textbook. This is great jazz. The musicians on stage are incredibly in tune with each other. Either they’ve clearly been playing together for a long time, or they can read each other’s minds, or even read each other’s textbooks. Maybe. Great performance. good show. great musicianship. But for some reason, listening to this quartet doesn’t make me want to stand in my chair and yell “yebdiyow.” But at one point, halfway through the bass solo, I wanted to stand up, sit two rows back and waltz to heaven. This will certainly complicate things in the social sector of dance. What’s next? Yes Yes. I’m Malcolm Mc’Neil from New Zealand. Better believe this. From day one he’s been backed by Jamie and the Jammers. Now Marie looked a little embarrassed onstage, perhaps because he was a New Zealand chick when he should have been tucked safely into a cozy nightclub in a five-star hotel. You must have wondered what the heck he was doing on the festival stage. But he put in a spirited performance, and considering he found out who his backing band was the night before the show, he did quite well. Is there something for you?”, I overheard several women expressing a strong desire to hug him.

Time for a grand finale featuring diminutive Louisa Cottifogli backed by a trio of Louis Banks and world-famous clarinetist Eddie Daniels as they head towards Nirvana via Indian Yatra Time for the second act featuring a big surprise featuring wife Mirabai in sight. I don’t think India has produced as great a rhythm section as Louis Banks, Carl Peters and Ranjit Barrot. Little Louisa kicks off the grand finale with “Vande Mataram”. great. This little Italian really got us Indians on the ball. She then begins to imitate vocalists from different parts of the world and twist them. I almost forgot what Italian singers sound like. Now comes Sucker Punch and she goes and plays us Dave Douglas (she begins to imitate the trumpet). . A fiery solo. A dazzling display of musicianship and improvisational skill. Waifu joins the party. And start cooking immediately. It conjures up our own version of the American jazz singer, the timeless Pam Crane. Differences seemed to be creeping onto the stage as some exciting songs made their way down the show. Differences, perhaps musical, economic, political, or otherwise, seemed to attract wide attention. War is the difference at Jazz by the Bay. The difference on an international platform like Jazz Yatra is world war. And finally, the world war came to an end. Sorry, Jazz Yatra. The bottom line is that the Jazz India boys defied all odds and made it happen. Even if Butterwada and Baby were happening way more than the band.

Colin D’Cruz

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