Can I Stream Music On Pho.E While Its A Hotspot IPod – Not Working the Way You Need? – Forget About Chucking It

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IPod – Not Working the Way You Need? – Forget About Chucking It

Instead, get the features and playtime you need from your mobile device.

Lost your cool after paying $300 for an Apple iPod MP3 player only to find out later that it was a single function device? The Apple iPod you purchased plays MP3 files and stores images. You wanted to do more of it, so did your wife. Yes, you paid for this frustration. Thankfully, switching to a Windows mobile device can avoid these pressure-filled situations.

Which Windows Mobile Device?

This article explains how to get the most out of your portable mobile device. Did you know that with a Pocket PC running the Windows Mobile Software Suite, you can do much more than just listen to MP3 songs on your Apple iPod? Enjoy streaming, TV streaming, podcasting, FM radio, tracking stocks and mutual funds, watching short weather forecasts, and more.

Seamless access to satellite radio

Listen to free commercial music, popular talk shows, breaking news and entertainment on your Pocket PC, courtesy of Sirius and XM Satellite, two satellite radio content providers. This is much easier, more convenient, and less taxing than downloading his 10,000 songs from Hi-Tune on your iPod. Not to mention the cost factor that comes with high tuning. If you have a limited selection of music, you will have to pay $1 per MP3 file/song. 10,000 of his MP3 songs cost $10,000. If spending $10,000 doesn’t matter, how long does it take? Do you have time to sit at your Apple computer and drag and drop 10,000 MP3 files onto your iPod?

Get access to unlimited music from 130 channels of Xm and Sirius radio for just $12.95/month. There is no need to download anything other than Pocket XM Radio Pro software from e-book software. To get the Pocket PC version, visit pocket The smartphone version can be found at Pocket XM radio pro is a software application that allows you to listen to radio programs and music from Sirius and XM satellites. We found that smartphones offer excellent reception on WiFi networks as opposed to cellular networks.

Install Pocket XM radio pro on your Pocket PC and you will be happy with the reception on Sirius and XM satellite radio. What I love about listening to satellite radio music stations is the lack of commercials. has a free software application for enjoying satellite radio on your Pocket PC. Locate the CAB file and download it to your Pocket PC. Don’t think that quality is bad because it’s free. It’s quite the opposite. I found that there was absolutely no buffering delay. XM and Sirius accounts allow you to listen to satellite radio on your desktop computer. It’s not like buying a satellite radio receiver from Xm or Sirius. A Pocket PC or smartphone requires an online, live Internet connection.

high speed internet radio streaming

Are you an avid reader? If the answer is yes, you can listen to audiobooks on your Apple iPod. gives you access to free software that allows you to transfer these audiobooks, magazines, and newspaper options to your media player mobile.

Below are some high quality live radio streaming websites I found on the internet for Pocket PC.

· Resco Pocket Radio ( The program supports wav, MP3, speex, OGG Vorbis and raf formats. Starting at $19.95, you can get an audio recorder to record your own songs and conversations.

· Pocket Player at To listen to live stream radio broadcasts from great websites like, you’ll need to purchase a pocket player for $19.95. Pocket PC supports MP3, wma, flac, and wav file formats. Pocket player also supports skinnable screens, audiobooks, bookmarks, playlists, screen plugins, Bluetooth remote controls and headphones.

Browse music from your WiFi-enabled Pocket PC

It’s unrealistic to think that you have 24/7 Internet access. What if you were sitting in an outdoor garden cafe with no Wi-Fi access? However, you cannot listen to music on your Pocket PC. For this to work, you need his WiFi-enabled Pocket PC that connects to a WiFi-enabled desktop PC. You need to visit this website: The rudeo play & control program is $19.95. The advantage of downloading music directly to your Pocket PC is that you can store the songs on your Pocket PC. With a long battery life, you can listen to songs on your Pocket PC without an Internet connection. First, you need to go to and download Microsoft Windows Media Connect. It allows you to connect your Wifi-enabled pocket PC to your Wifi-enabled desktop PC.

Want to get more out of your multimedia program?

You can’t track stocks, mutual funds, or TV financial reports on your iPod MP3 player. We also miss streaming TV shows, audio files, and video files.

pocket stock

Pocket Stocks are only $14.95 from This incredible application allows you to track your stock and mutual fund portfolios. You can also view financial quotes and charts. If you want to watch your wealth grow, Pocket PC makes it easy.

PDA Tuner Pro

With PDA tuner pro you can watch live TV shows, listen to live music and radio from all over the world. For more information, visit both the and websites. PDA Tuner Pro sells a registration key for $12 that allows you to access the website through Internet Explorer mobile from your Pocket PC or smartphone. A one-time registration fee is required to access from your portable device. The only downside is that when you’re watching live TV on your PDA Pro, it’s like watching a jerky slide presentation.

x play studio

X-Play Studio is just $26.96 from With Windows Media Player on your Pocket PC, you can watch live, high-quality television programs and record audio and video files. Watch your favorite comedies and sitcoms. Ever thought of joining a blue-collar guy on your Pocket PC? People around you will wonder if you’ve inhaled laughing gas because you’re laughing your head off!

Audio and video streaming, podcasting from your Pocket PC

If you have a Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC with a camera. Take a photo and instantly publish it to your personal blogger’s weblog. Bring out your amateur photographer.

It was not possible to take a photo or enter a photo title or description into the Apple iPod player. Available for camera-enabled Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. Start sharing your opinions, photos and thoughts on the internet.

splash blog

Splash Blog is a software application that allows Windows Mobile 5.0 users to take pictures and publish their thoughts on the Splash Blog website. Simply sign up for a free online full photo blogging account/personal blog and download the free software from. [] Start a photoblog. The following devices: Symbian UIQ, Palm OS, Pocket PC, smartphones, and Nokia 60 series allow you to instantly publish photos to your Splash Blog. Free accounts can publish up to 500 photos of any size to your online photo album. If you have more forms to share, you can always upgrade to the professional version for $29.95. This version allows you to post unlimited photos to your online photo album.

How do you share your photos?

Use the Windows Mobile 5.0 image selection API to select a thumbnail of an image stored on your Pocket PC memory card or internal drive and click the image you want to add to your photo blog. Splash Blog is a very popular application that skips many unnecessary steps for downloading photos from your Pocket PC to your personal weblog. Share photos taken with your camera-enabled Pocket PC device with the world. Feel free to add a short title and text description to describe your photo if you like.

FM radio

If you want to listen to FM radio without connecting to a free WiFi hotspot, you can buy an FM stereo tuner with cf or sd card interface here. [],, At, the FM plug-in comes with stereo earphones and software to install on your Windows Mobile 2003 device. Unfortunately, if you have a new Windows Mobile 5.0 device, the FM radio tuner will not work on that device. Make sure your Pocket PC or smartphone is compatible with the FM radio plug-in.


The designers behind the Classic iPod and the 90 iPod are very talented at designing cool single-function devices. If you can enjoy all the other types of media listed above in my article, why watch movies on the iPod 2.5 inch screen instead of the larger screens of most Pocket PCs and smartphones? You can buy it for the price. Finally, Pocket PCs and smartphones have many more fun and practical features and functions than the Apple iPod can access.

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