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COVID-19 Immunity – Enter Through the Narrow Gate

Matthew 7:13-14 says, “Enter by the narrow gate, for the gate that leads to hell is wide.” Definitely the easiest poem to understand. Where exactly does this didactic verse lead in light of the coronavirus. How should we interpret this verse on coronavirus transmission in terms of overall health?

By the end of this article, the problem in this area should become clearer. That said, we are not helpless when it comes to COVID-19, quite the opposite, in fact.

The truth is that each of us is equipped with dynamics of prevention and cure that are particularly relevant to the global situation.

But until we consciously connect with this protective dynamic and actually upload it into our consciousness, the scriptures remain of intellectual value only. Therefore, the above verse should be read esoteric rather than literally. Superficial reading of this or the scriptures does not change the state of the soul.

Now more than ever is the time to experience personal empowerment, or the God that is innate within each of us firsthand. It is time to move beyond the limiting doctrines and belief systems to true spiritual maturity in God-consciousness.

Recall that the “church” in the Bible refers to the human consciousness, not to the physical building. Similarly, the biblical term “Jew” refers to an “introvert,” a person who seeks the God within. The term does not refer to the Jewish state or its people. Therefore, the words written above the crucifixion are:

Therefore, this Matthew verse refers to us being “inwardly”, i.e., being in a state of narrow gates rather than outwards, or wide gates.

At our core, each of us is an “introvert.” We are each seekers.

To do so, it is essential to understand the key phrases of the scriptures above.


Narrow gate and wide gates average?

The “gate” is the path of sensory experience, and the “narrow” is the inward focus.

The broad gate refers to its attraction and association with the outside world, the constant activity of the scattered mind, and the conditioned senses.

So there are two gates. One to Heaven, the other to Hell. The gate to heaven is the narrow gate, which means seeking inwards, and the gate to hell is the wide gate outside sense consciousness.

The question arises: What practicality does entering the Narrow Gate entail? Where are the two gates? How do you enter through the narrow gate? Do we enter with belief systems, creeds, flags of faith, or what?

So what is your password?


The Narrow Gate is the means of self-actualization, mental convergence, and is in the brain. The wide gate operates here under the law of spiritual ignorance called Hell. The slogan is “meditation silence”.

Mastering these two “gates” through the practical application of passwords is our safeguard against COVID-19. It does so by creating an invincible immunity.

start from the inside

Both gates initially represent diametrically opposed functions, and for good reason. The reason is that you should choose one gating standard over another. Then you choose to be inward, that is, through the narrow gate, to actually progress in that direction. In other words, begin the inward journey of knowing God directly. We’ll talk about this process later, but considering the tangible rewards of heaven and health, it’s not difficult, but it requires dedication and dedication.

The wide gate of consciousness satisfies only the senses of the mind, while the mind or narrow gate satisfies the mind.


So the “narrow gate” is the narrowing of the initially wide gate, that is, the narrowing of the active intellect. It narrows the activity of the mind to constant conscious thinking and its attraction to the outside world. Narrowing the mental focus is the way the senses are pulled away from the object, thus altering the experience of the wide gate.

Widegate activity causes a loss of psychic identity. Hence the expression: “There is no gain in conquering the world, if you lose your soul in doing so.”

Because we are born to the broad gate standard, we need the God-given ability to bring us to the narrow gate standard so that we can access heavenly perception.

miracle of convergence

Narrowing the wide gate is therefore one of spiritual convergence.

Convergence works as a miraculous activity by transforming wide gates into narrow gates or into single eye perception. Convergence promotes coexistence, whereby both gates act synergistically as one – “like above and below”.

By repeatedly reaching convergence, the brain is able to process two states of consciousness simultaneously: world consciousness and eternal consciousness. Before dual consciousness, the brain functioned only with objects.

Once convergence is established, we are no longer subject to the influences and wide-gate attractions that drive ignorance, but rather to making conscious decisions. The brain recalibrates from mono, allowing the nervous system to experience the timeless and the timeless, the relative and the absolute at the same time. Remember that you came to this world uploaded only with mono.

In other words, as convergence matures, the conversion from narrow gate to wide gate becomes infinite, while at the same time turning your awareness. I say mature because there is so much bliss in contact with the maturity narrow portal point that it takes time for the nervous system to adapt and train to withstand the waves of bliss. It’s from Therefore, repeated practice is necessary for physiology to adapt.

In the Bible, points are called “least of you.” Once we gain a mature “minimum,” i.e., point contact, or mature narrow-gate awareness, the soul is freed to surf the conscious infinity.

The connection between parrots and the pineal gland

Now let me introduce the mantra, Aum, which is a means of convergence.

As mentioned earlier, in order to transcend sensory activity, we must develop our mental faculties through convergence. To achieve this, the brain adapts to the parrot’s echoes. The Aum Mantra is the subtle humming sound of the universe. As this sacred vibratory sound vibrates at 1-3 cycles per second, the brain entrains itself cosmically or devotionally.

On a subtle level, this parrot’s inner hearing naturally brings awareness to the pineal gland, between the eyebrows, in the center of the brain. During meditation, the eyes automatically move upward and converge between the eyebrows.

Some may be familiar with certain crucifixion images. The eyes of Jesus, on the cross, are open and directed clearly to this point of convergence between his eyebrows. There are ways to access the pineal gland for mental and health benefits. This gland is therefore equivalent to the narrow gate, or point recognition, of the Bible.

There is a pineal bust in the gardens of the Vatican. This symbol is never spoken of, but its esoteric message is especially important during the current pandemic.

The experience of the pineal gland transcends belief systems.

The pineal gland is where the biblical Jacob (symbol of souls not yet redeemed) saw the face of God (bliss). “Face of God” refers to the images and caricatures, or natures of God, waiting to be stimulated into our lives, into consciousness as a direct presence experience. The center of the pineal gland is where the lower ego, the broad gate, is “crucified”. Also called the “skull place” or “mount”, it means the highest point of consciousness. In other words, when consciousness transcends in meditation, it becomes mount consciousness.

Optimizing internal hearing

Many are familiar with chanting the most revered mantra, Aum or Om.

I will show you how to experience this wonderful mantra more purely.

In verbal chanting, I’m only used to hearing parrots at surface decibel levels, which is of course beautiful. However, for many people, oral chanting may not be practical in closed living quarters.

So let’s say our normal parrot chant is surface decibel level. Now, at the surface level, he starts listening verbal for say 30 seconds. Then stop the verbal recitation and continue to silently listen to the same mantra sound in your mind – going deep into the “minus” decibel level. We’re deepening down to cps (cycles per second). This is the Theta healing state.

With sustained practice, you can deepen to 1-3 cps. This is called a delta state. This is the divine wave state.

practice run

Sit with your eyes closed. Start the parrot’s surface hearing for about 30 seconds, then gently switch to the parrot’s “hearing”.

If the mind drifts into the wide gate, that’s what — this is why we practice — pause for about 3 seconds, then resume your inner hearing. Each “hearing” that is resumed comes from a deeper level. This narrowing of the gate from surface activity to cosmic silence equates to the criteria of disease-free or divine consciousness.

We come to understand that the point and infinity are equal. Time, space, and causality permeate neither. So the problem as COVID-19 does not exist here. And if the entire global population entered point consciousness or pure consciousness every day, the world would not be closed as it is now. But this too will pass.

Finally, to complete Matthew 7–13-14 above, Matthew 22–14 must be clarified. This verse is Piotar.

it says:

“Many are called, but few are chosen.”

This poem ties directly to the wide-gate, narrow-gate dynamic.

In fact, at birth we are either chosen into the kingdom of God within, or invited to a wedding feast. Each one is invited to enter through the narrow gate. In other words, each of us is endowed with the divine potential to realize divinity in consciousness. given the possibility.

Therefore, we let ourselves “choose” or “choose”.

The realization of “images and likenesses” is aimed at living the divine standard through faith-filled consciousness. This faith is not just for choosing material possessions, it is universal to all aspects of our lives. Developed faith is equated with developed silence, which represents a direct alignment of consciousness to the cosmic norm or divine nature.

We have all been selected or invited to this sacred standard. But the weather in which we choose to go to our wedding feast – choosing to converge and pass through the narrow gates of silent experience – is our choice. No coercion or choice.

The word “many” means “all,” the word “few” means “none,” and the word “chosen” means choosing the narrow gate over the wide one.

For many, this path can present personal challenges at first. However, that is exactly what it should be, the challenge of integration and transformation. And this is why many people do not find the narrow gate at first because they have not consciously decided to find it.

In the scriptures above, we are asked to let go of sensory awareness during meditation. In meditation, we abandon the wide gate for the narrow gate, and the low standard for the standard of sacred or white clothing. Repeated meditation allows you to wear white at your wedding feast. The white robe is obtained by passing through the narrow gate many times, leading to purification.

The conclusion is

Meditation is like entering a cave of silence and reappearing. But when we re-emerge, we do not leave the cave behind, but rather take its pure silence with us. It grows richer in stillness. So every time you go into meditation, the cave silence becomes more deeply held, and at some point the cave silence becomes permanent.

Situations like COVID-19 therefore have no effect on us due to our invincible immune system born out of converged narrow-gate silence. blessing.

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