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Do Not Let Business Travel Disrupt Your Fitness

Get your tickets, pack your bags, and be picked up by an airport van for your next business trip. For the past few years, it has become a routine to leave on Sunday afternoon and return on Friday evening. You ran errands and spent time with your family. I did a quick Saturday morning early morning training so I could attend my kid’s soccer game and birthday party. Traveling is difficult. Recently, the clothes around the excrement feel tight. I haven’t gotten around to buying new clothes yet. Ask yourself if this sounds familiar. More and more business he professionals are plagued by stressful work and stressful travel.Admittedly, this takes a toll on family and personal life.[1]but more importantly, it can destroy your health. Poor health puts your family and your job at risk.

The health and fitness of traveling business professionals is a serious concern. ”However, it is also a source of various stresses and is often overlooked or denied by both organizations and travelers themselves. We found that health care bills were significantly higher than for non-travelers.“[2] A typical executive travels three to five days a week. They eat 95% of their meals at airports, restaurants or fast food outlets. They eat late while entertaining their clients. The hotel has a gym but most of them don’t work out on the go. Additionally, most business travel professionals don’t get the deep sleep they need. Any medical or fitness expert would tell you that this lifestyle is a recipe for disaster.

There are several resources that provide guidance on how to eat right and exercise while traveling.[3] There are many videos of exercises you can do while traveling.[4] Despite the availability of all this information, the majority of business travelers do not eat properly and are unable to exercise on the go. why is this? The problem is more behavior than access to good food and exercise facilities. The solution is more education about fitness, not more facilities, more training, more supplements. It tends to change. Consider this principal. Continuing education is designed to make you more proficient on the job. The more knowledge and experience you have, the more valuable you are to an employer. Your self-esteem and self-esteem will increase. This is true when it comes to fitness. The difference is that you are your own boss. Here is the root cause of the problem. If fitness isn’t a priority in your life, if you’re lean with too much iron in the fire and travel time is 20% of your waking hours, you’re putting fitness on the back burner. . Next, you’ll find yourself gaining 25 pounds, your body fat percentage approaching obesity, and having very little energy at the end of the day. At this point, your doctor will tell you that your blood pressure is rising and recommend blood pressure medication.

A CEO who has all of the aforementioned distractions recognizes the problem and attacks the specific problem rather than abandoning everything. They contract professionals such as lawyers, chartered accountants, and consultants to help them filter all the information and come up with a good plan to solve the problem. These professionals enable the CEO to tackle issues while dealing with all distractions and still achieve his/her goals. Traveling business people should take the same approach to solving fitness problems, their experts being private her personal her trainers or fitness her consultants.

A private personal trainer can give you the amount of information you need, when you need it. You don’t have to spend a lot of time researching your nutrition and exercise routines. They have the ability to assess your current fitness level and design a nutrition and exercise program that is right for you. I can. A good private personal trainer has the ability to not only design a program, but to counsel behavior. They hold clients accountable in the same way that CEOs use consultants to help keep their strategy accountable. In most cases, private personal trainers cost more than gym personal trainers, but offer a more customized and personal service. They are usually much cheaper than business consultants. Just as a CEO views a consultant as an investment, a private personal trainer should be viewed as an investment, not an expense. So how can a private personal trainer help you if you’re traveling? You certainly aren’t going to pay them to travel with you. The good news is technology can help solve this problem. It’s helpful.

Today, private personal trainers have access to a wealth of technology that can help solve the two biggest problems hindering fitness on the go: education and accountability. A private personal trainer usually has her own website. This website provides the tools you need to help your clients on their travels. Let’s check out some tools that offer an almost personal training experience on the go for a fraction of the cost.

  1. You can access articles, other websites, and educational materials on the Personal Trainer website. A personal trainer can provide information based on your level of fitness. In other words, we provide the right information at the right time. you are not wasting your time
  2. Personal trainers can provide a private login on their website with all their information including measurements, training schedules, exercise videos, diet programs and more. This section of the website is password protected for your privacy. Google Docs offers great tools for this type of interface.
  3. Accountability is available using Google Calendar and SMS notifications. SMS messages are pre-assigned to clients via Google Calendar. They receive alerts on their mobile phone for snacks, workout completions, and more. A business traveler can respond by SMS text her message, email, or phone to let the trainer know what she ate or worked out her routine. If we don’t hear from you, a trainer will follow up. This happens wherever business travelers and trainers are in the world.
  4. Clients can subscribe to Internet services by signing up at For less than $10.00 per month, it offers the ability to track and monitor your nutrition, activity, diary, and mood. By providing access to the trainer, the trainer can track all her activities 24/7. It combines nutrition, exercise, and behavior very well. This provides trainers with the information they need to consult their clients through various virtual techniques such as SMS text messages, website responses, emails, phone calls, or SKYPE.
  5. Skype, Google Video Talk, and other video conferencing tools allow clients to schedule times with trainers so they can watch business travelers work out. It is useful when
  6. Finally, it’s important to meet face-to-face with your personal trainer at least once a week to celebrate progress, establish new measurements, and set new goals.

This type of professional and individual personal training is available to travelers. One company that offers this service is Strategy for Fitness(TM). Overcoming the lack of education and accountability is a big step towards improving fitness levels. These services are an investment in your life. You have someone who cares about your health and wellness and whom you can talk to on an ongoing basis wherever you are. Using technology can reduce the overall cost of personal training. Accountability is a powerful motivator. Trainers can hold business travelers accountable through advanced technology services. Don’t let your excuses get in the way of improving your fitness while traveling. No excuses.

[1] Espino, C, Sundstrom S, Frick H, Jacobs M, Peters, M, “International business travel: effects on families and travelers.” Occupational and Environmental Medicine. January 11, 2010.

[2] James Striker, Lennart Dimberg, Bernhard H Liese, “Stress and Business Travel: Personal, Administrative, and Corporate Concerns.” Journal of Organizational Excellence Vol. 20, Issue 1, pp. 3-10. January 11, 2010



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