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Write Compelling Fiction – Article One

At the request of many friends and colleagues, I split my manual, WRITE COMPELLING FICTION, into 1,500 (plus or minus) word articles on EzineArticles and upgraded them bit by bit. I hope that you will be able to collect some good things from them.I hope that your novels are my 20 novels and 2 non-fiction works, and my wife’s more than 50 romantic suspense and historical romances. I hope it’s on the shelf or rack with the novel.

This manual (series of articles) is written for people like me who are not majors in English or experts in grammar.

A man who loves fishing and fishing. He walks out with any excuse. Like most of you, I’ve worked hard all my life. I love the West and its history, and if I had lived 150 years ago, I would have done well. As the song says, the country boy will survive. As with all disciplines, there are tricks that make writing a novel easier, such as driving an 18-wheeler, hammering nails, and hammering nails. One of them is writing based on history, but stories and plots are everywhere: newspapers, magazines, Starbucks and workplace observations. There are some pitfalls, but most are easily avoidable.

I wanted to write novels and sell them. I learned the hard way. You can learn the easy way by studying other people’s mistakes (including mine). After selling 20 novels, I’m still battling glaring errors, poor grammar, clumsy sentence structure, and horribly boring text. We can’t start teaching you everything you need to know about writing a novel or writing a good letter to your mom. I’m still learning, but if I can make it a little easier, I think I’ve achieved the purpose of writing this manual.

And I was published. So are you.

Most of the rules for writing novels also apply to writing in general. Some are genre specific. If you don’t know the definition of genre, that’s exactly who this manual is for. But even those who know what that means will find some gems here. It was stolen in public.

Most of this manual refers to westerns, history, and romance. Because these (and the scripts) were written by my wife and I and how we make a living. This is not to say that the same rules do not apply to other genres of writing. That’s not to say you can’t pick up gems of writing wisdom from this manual. What are you trying to write other than westerns and historical fiction?

Good luck with your novel.

Reminder: Above my computer, along the edge of the bookshelf, just above eye level, I taped the following reminder.

Filter all descriptions by perspective!

Problems, Purpose, Conflicts, Goals Active Voice!

Hear, see, taste, touch and smell!

There is no scene without conflict!

Check out As, That, and Waz!

Each of these has been recorded there at various times throughout my writing career.

The rest of this manual explains, among other things, why I think the above reminder is so important, and why if you’re a reader (otherwise you shouldn’t be trying to be a writer). To do. Don’t get hung up on plot or characters.

can you do that? First, you must want to:

Anyone who has a basic understanding of the structure of written English, or is willing to learn it, and has a story to tell can write and sell a novel.

Twenty-five years ago, I sold my first paperback western, Ten Killer, to Zebra Books. My second Mojave Showdown was picked up by the same company. Together with his wife, he wrote the Western romance Tin Angel and sold it to Avon. Bantam Books sold Westerns El Lazo, Against the 7th Flag, The Devils Bounty, and The Benicia Belle. Additionally, Bantam brought up my historic Rush to Destiny. Next up for me was Double D’s hardcover, Western novel, Shadow of the Grizzly. The following were several non-fiction works, including Westerns, Mysteries, Thrillers, and the works most of this article was collected from: Write Persuasive Fiction. All my books are available on audio. increase. Most of it is available from Books in Motion, a great Spokane, Washington company. Most are now available on Amazon in both print and e-book formats.

A sale means you have signed a contract and received an advance payment for your novel. More on contracts later.

Additionally, Kat, my wife, has been published in over 20 countries in over 12 foreign languages. She has now sold over 50 romantic her suspense and historical romance novels to several major publishers and many of her novels are on her bestseller lists.

Did it. You can do it.

I’m not a college graduate. Due to family pressure, I took a leave of absence from college during his junior year. In English, I’d probably test in the middle of the college freshman group (my dear wife would say lower) and get stuck in the bonehead class. I will take the necessary time to research and make sure my work is properly presented to the reader. Do you agree or disagree with the purchase of the work?

And each day I enjoy writing more than the day before. It keeps getting easier and more economically rewarding. It won’t be perfect.

I keep learning every day. Do you know? If you do it long enough, you might even get into college and not have to learn the arduous English language! Writers learn by doing every time they sit down and face a blank page.

you have a great story we all do. You should take the time to write in a clear, legible manner and in reasonably good English so that the editor can skip the first two pages of her. Even the best, most compelling, exciting, or moving stories can go unread and go unsold because of spelling or typographical errors in the first few pages. I feel that people with sloppy technical skills and presentations are more likely to be sloppy in all other aspects of their writing.

But more on that later.

When I first picked up a pencil and yellow pad, I knew very little about spelling and sentence structure. All I really had was a love for great fiction. Finding a little time, a dictionary, and some harsh critics all contributed to the eventual sale of my first Western novel.

“I don’t have time” is the main excuse for people who are not successful in all areas. Horse hockey! We all waste our time. We watch TV, ride in cars, and dream unproductive thoughts. You can write in your head (and most writers do) long before you have it on paper. You can record it on a handy tape recorder and transcribe it later. Time is no excuse.

Write in your car, on the beach, or standing on the bank of a stream and aiming for a square.

The only way to become a writer is to write. She writes two pages a day, two awful pages, and she has a novel in six months.

Like most things we have tried to do in this life, luck also played a role in my selling. But don’t be discouraged if you think you’re out of luck. It turns out that luck is nothing but the inevitable result of hard work.

The harder you try, the better your luck.

Now I want to help you get lucky.

It took Lady Luck eight years to find me. By then, it had taken me almost 40 years to get my head together. I had read thousands of westerns and novels in other genres and thought I knew how it was done. And for the first six of the eight years I wrote before I sold, I didn’t bother to ask. I thought it must be a craft like painting or making a fine saddle, so I decided to learn. Two years later I sold my first novel. Six years wasted!

I wish I had this manual (in this case, this series of articles) 30 years ago.

Seeing your name on the cover of a paperback (or e-book) at your local market or drugstore, on the hardcover jacket in a bookstore, or on an audio box gives you a boost of self-satisfaction. It’s worth the effort – not to mention thousands of dollars in advances, and ongoing loyalty if you are diligent and continue after each new deal.

The important thing is that you are doing the right thing. Read about the details, how it works, and the business of writing and selling. Continue reading the next eZine article, Write Compelling Fiction.

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