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Four Types of Bonds of Love Between Man and Woman

The world is very mysterious. We see many things every day that we take for granted, but we don’t know how or why they happen. For billions of years, people have seen apples fall to the ground, but have never wondered why apples fall to the ground and not rise. For the first time, I thought that there must be power. This idea led to the discovery of gravity, the universal gravitational force that has existed between all material entities in the universe since the origin of the universe. He also discovered electric and magnetic forces. But why haven’t scientists been able to find a satisfying answer as to why different kinds of matter attract and repel?

What can be said in the world of particles is the same in the world of living things. All living things in the world are attracted to the opposite sex. But there are few answers as to why it happens. We all recognize the gravitational pull that pulls us together, but we don’t know why it happens.

reason for attraction

Scientists have no reason to explain why matter is attracted, but they have used evolutionary theory to discover some reason for the attraction between male and female species. They believe that the attraction between male and female species in this world is due to their desire to mate in order to reproduce offspring. Because spies cannot survive in the method. But the answer is incomplete because the power of attraction does not diminish even after people have children.

Studies have shown that certain physical traits stimulate the hypothalamus in the brain, leading to increased heart rate, sweating, and feelings of sexual arousal. What causes this reaction? Perhaps the most obvious is youthful appearance associated with fertility. [Buss, David M. The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating. New York: HarperCollins, 1994] Women are likewise attracted to men because of what they have to offer when it comes to reproduction.

But boring scientific research always misses the mysteries of the universe. What causes your heart rate, sweating, and emotions to rise? These actions are nothing short of miraculous, but we know they do happen.Einstein captured these ideas in the words

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is to live as if nothing is a miracle. The other is to live as if everything is a miracle.”

Clues to physical attraction can be found from knowledge of physics. For example, we all know that opposite charges attract. We know that all materials are neutral in their natural state. However, when electrons are removed from a material, it becomes charged and becomes positively charged, while substances with excess electrons become negatively charged. Therefore, the opposite charge is attracted and can neutralize the charge and return to its original state. The same explanation exists for magnetic particles.

Even science believes that all matter and energy were one before the big bang, and gravitational attraction can also be explained using the same principle. Therefore, all matter appears to be attracted to each other in order to achieve the original neutral state of matter and energy.

Using the same principle, we can say that heterosexual attraction is due to the desire to become one, as in the past. We know (like gravity) that it exists, so we call it love, but we cannot know why it exists. There are four types of love between human species, as they are also the heart, soul, and spirit (God).

1. Physical Bonds: Basic Instincts

The most primitive and fundamental reason for the love between men and women is due to their physical differences. Physical designs complement and attract each other. People find satisfaction and pleasure in being with the opposite sex. It’s fun just to touch it, and it conveys energy and love. The reason seems to be chemical, as the body shows an increased flow of fluids and chemicals when a physical union between a man and a woman takes place.

The physical bond between boys and girls is represented by Tina Turner. This is her one of those songs “What’s Love Got To Do With It” that captured the imagination of billions of people around the world in the ’80s.

must understand

the feel of your hand


If that’s the only thrill

boy and girl meeting

opposites attract

is physical

logic only

you should try to ignore

that it means more


Oh whats love got to do, got to do with it

love is not a secondhand feeling

what love has to do and what it has to do with

who needs a heart

when my heart breaks


Physical bonding is the oldest and most basic form of love that exists between a man and a woman. Prostitution is believed to be the oldest occupation in the world that mankind discovered to take advantage of this attraction between men and women.

2. Emotional Bonds: Friendship

Animals find only physical bonding between the opposite sex, as they cannot go far beyond the physical level, but males with increased mental abilities have found another form of bonding that unites males and females. . This bond also exists between members of the same sex.

Friendship is found between people with complementary ideas.In the words of Mencius

“Friendship is having one mind in two bodies.”

Every human mind wants to know what it does not know in order to perfect itself. That knowledge may live with the minds of others. Friendship is born from the desire of two people to share their thoughts so that their minds grow and become whole.

Men’s and women’s minds are complementary, just like their bodies. Thus, all men find a different way of seeing the world when they see the world through the eyes of a woman. is typical of On the contrary, people who do not have members of the opposite sense are definitely truly evil because their views are so unbalanced. All the dictators and despots never had friendships with women, the list includes Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong, but they did have physical bonds with women. never truly evolved. A person’s heart can be satisfied, at peace, and at ease only when he or she has friends among the opposite sex.

3. Emotional Bonds: Feelings of Love

The most beautiful and powerful relationships that exist between men and women are emotional. All emotions automatically arise in people because of the desire of the souls to unite. Male and female souls complement each other because they originate from the same source. This is not only a philosophical truth, but also a physical truth. Therefore, they always aim to meet each other to balance each other, like magnets of opposite charges or opposite poles.

The emotional bond between men and women is often so strong that people sacrifice their lives or even commit suicide.Love is the cause of most crimes in this world Because of this, it is often called fetal attraction.

Love is like a chemical reaction that transforms the souls of men and women. A loved one is changed at its core by the transformation of the soul, as hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water droplets, losing their identity.

Only love can bring peace and happiness to the lives of people all over the world that no amount of wealth can buy.

4. Spiritual Union: All Gods

Men and women also share the highest level of spiritual bond with each other. Spiritual relationships are based on non-physical relationships between people. In this type of relationship, people do not expect each other because they seem to merge their identities with God or the Holy Spirit, the origin of all entities in the universe.

Spiritual or non-physical bonding exists between people of the opposite sex in various forms. It manifests itself between love for a mother, love for a child, love for a sibling, and even later in life, the love of a spouse. It is the final stage of love for all. This seed of love is always present in a person and first appears in a child with love for his mother. Other forms of love are dwindling away and only spiritual love remains among the most evolved humans in this world like Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi. This form of love is truly selfless and unconditional.

evolution of human bonds

All bonds between humans can be classified into four types. body, mind, soul and spirit. Life’s journey begins with the spiritual bond of love that exists only within a child. However, as a person’s body, mind, and soul grow in this world, the bond of love manifests itself in many different forms. from the mind to the emotions and finally come full circle and return to the spiritual level. Spiritual love sanctifies a person, identifies him with God, and achieves his salvation and goals in life. The cycle of life continues until a person understands spiritual love for God and man.

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