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Developing Foundational Teamwork


Pencil: A pencil represents flexibility. Unlike words written in ink, pencils don’t leave a mark forever. Any mistake we made in the past can be erased. When the pencil tip becomes dull, it can be re-sharpened and reused. ~ Patricia Runnels

We need to grow to be product rather than willing leaders hoping to receive a reward or product. We are leaders requiring a conviction of possession for distribution (sermon by Reverend LeJeune). One way he does this is by changing the concept of the ‘church’ organization.

I. Foundation structure

of. In my opinion, a common mistake that most churches make today is in the area of ​​organizational structure. This error is being strategically exploited by adversaries. Most churches today are organized in an inverted triangle structure.




top management


Me. There are some problems with this diagram.

1. When the underlying organization rests on the shoulders of one person (i.e. the pastor), the weight of the entire structure becomes excessive.

2. Over time, the body becomes completely dependent on the talents, abilities and strengths of its leader. And membership will only respond when stimulated by the leader’s motivational gifts.

3. An organization’s success and vulnerability also depends on the weaknesses of its leaders.

4. In this illustration, there is no structural balance, so it can easily be knocked over and destroyed from either side. (Don’t be fooled! Enemies will notice and exploit this vulnerability!)

b. A more biblical approach to organizational structure can be enacted as follows:


top management




Me. Some advantages are also clearly visible when looking at this figure.

1. The organization has structural balance and stability rebuilt on a deep and wide solid foundation.

2. Leaders can reap the benefits of becoming more dependent on the strengths and capabilities of their member organizations.

3. The solidity of the tissue foundation in this figure, as a whole, better protects the body from collapse as a result of unfortunate events. Leader reassignment, etc.

of. Terrorist cellular networks understand and utilize this system, and it is arguably effective globally.

ii. This structure allows the organization to maintain and defend itself and its leaders.

However, the body can function properly for a period of time in the absence of a leader.

1. Not only can this concept be applied to the organizational structure of the church, but it can also be applied to the daily lives of individual members.

of. Are our daily lives based on a solid foundation of prayer and communion with God?

b. Do we rely on leaders and others to motivate us, or do we motivate ourselves?

c. Is our life balanced?

d. Do we rely on the strength of others to support our weight, or are we pulling our own share?

iii. An orchestra is made up of many individual musicians, each of whom can perform as a soloist or as a group. A Christian leader must have the ability to act regardless of circumstances and circumstances. No matter who the conductor is, they must be able to perform as a team. We know how to play and we have sheet music (i.e. the Bible). When we work together as a team, the audience does not hear individual voices. They would hear “one band, one sound”. (1)

iv. When leaders equip those they are mentoring, they must do so with the understanding that they have not lost their knowledge. When we enlighten others, we are helping them to help themselves and help them in their growth process. not. Remember to lead by example!

v. A wise leader is always interested in evaluating the team and exploiting each member’s strengths and strengthening each member’s weaknesses.

vi. Four things leaders should never say:

1. It’s not my job!

2. It is not my character to do such a thing!

3. No way!

4. It’s not my fault!

of. The worst mistake a leader can make is ignoring their problems and weaknesses. Assume they simply disappear. By neglecting his duty, the leader leaves his entire force vulnerable to the enemy’s trap.

II.battle strategy

of. There is a saying, “Leaders are never born.” They are made! Some wear a ‘cammy’ to approach leadership, church and Christianity, while others show up wearing a ‘jammy’. (Cammies: Common name given to camouflaged uniforms by Marines. Jammies: Common name for pajamas and sleepwear.)

Me. we have to make a decision. Do I fight as a killer, or do I fight as a slumber?

b. As a leader, you must maintain a constant state of suspicion and vigilance to maintain and protect the integrity of the following critical elements: There are several major arteries that the enemy seeks to cut in war.

1. Communication.

2. Ability to receive supplies.

3. Defensive firepower.

4. Unit infrastructure.

5. Unit transport capacity.

6. Unit leadership.

of. Enemies disrupting the above elements can leave units in a state of exhaustion and low morale.

III. Relationships are the mortar that holds us together!

of. To achieve higher levels of development leadership, you should:

1. Constantly train and equip each other to ensure continued development of leadership competencies.

2. Reach outside your current circle of friends and acquaintances.

of. We are all creatures of habit and comfort. We do not accept the unfamiliar. However, to thrive as a leader and succeed effectively in the job, we must strive to do only what is not necessarily “our nature” or what the job description calls for.

3. Maintain consistent two-way communication with other team members and team leaders.

b. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 (NLT®) 9 Two are better than one because they can help each other succeed. 10 If one of us falls down, the other will reach out and help us. But people who fall alone are really in trouble. 11 Likewise, two people lying side by side can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm? 12 A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two standing back to back can be conquered. It’s even better to have three, because triple braided cords don’t break easily.

c. Short Course in Human Relations (2):

Me.Least Important Word: I

ii. Most Important Words: We

iii. Two most important words: Thank you.

iv. The three most important words: All is allowed.

v. The four most important words: What’s your opinion?

vi. Five most important words: Well done.

vii. The six most important words: I want to understand you better.

(1) Quoted from the drum line of the movie.

(2) Relationships 101 – What Every Leader Needs To Know, by John C. Maxwell, Copyright © 2003, Thomas Nelson Publishers®.

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