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Illuminated Physiology & Medical Uses Of Light

INTRODUCTION In order to fully appreciate the diagnostic and treatment aspects of light, one must first understand some of the physiology of the light metabolism in the body.

Photons, the energy packets of light, function as a particle or as a wave. The colors that we perceive are simply photons of varying wavelengths. In other words, there are no color pigments in light. Even though a bull is colorblind, the wavelength of what our human brains register as the red color of the bullfighter’s cape will still travel through the bull’s eyes and through the bull’s body to stimulate his adrenal glands, making him angry and charge.

There are two primary functions of the eye.

One is to translate light into patterns of electrochemical impulses that are transmitted to the brain. The other function of the eye is to provide an entry point for light to access the crystalline matrix or “fiber optic” network of the body. This light metabolism provides light/photons as stimulatory nutrients and informational packets to every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit. Based upon our clinical observations, we theorize that light gains access to the crystalline matrix, and ultimately the entire organism, via the eyes, by diverting from the rods and cones into the Müller cells that lie in close proximity.

The Müller cells provide direct contact with the living matrix, reaching every aspect of the organism. It is this fiber optic-like network, otherwise known as the body’s crystalline matrix, upon which we will be focusing. Research has determined that all living tissues, whether the body’s tissues or the molecular structure of microbes, are made up of these unique molecular liquid crystalline structures. These living, pliable, crystalline structures are capable of creating, transmitting and receiving laser-like bio-photons (energy packets of light, generated by the tissues of the body) to communicate between tissues and molecules.

While the macroscopic aspects of tissue coherence is discussed herein, it must be understood that non-classical, and non-linear quantum coherence of biophoton transmission through the organism is also relevant. You may think of these two mechanisms, the liquid crystalline matrix and the quantum coherence fields of biophoton transmission, as carrying the bulk of information throughout the body. These biophotons interact with every aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum and travel through the body via the crystalline matrix, seeming to also stimulate spatial optical solitons, which appear to transfer information via quantum coherence fields. (A spatial optical soliton is an extremely stable, solitary, self-guided light wave that transfers a large amount of information in nonlinear media, with a constant velocity and without loss or dispersion of energy or information.)

The field of nonlinear optics suggests that spatial optical solitons may also derive their movements through the body via a mechanism identified by Fritz-Albert Popp called biophoton sucking. It is our suggestion that biophotonic sucking is facilitated by electromagnetic-polarization by the collective deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). DNA is well recognized as an ideal agent in functioning as optical waveguides to facilitate the redirection or distribution of optical information. On the macro-scale the regulation of the electromagnetic-inducing attributes of DNA may be derived from the strongest electromagnetic generator in the body, the heart.

Compelling research by Rollin McCraty and others documents experimental evidence showing that when our thoughts are held in “heartfocused intention,” the coherent electromagnetic and biophotonic emissions of the heart change the conformation of DNA. In other words, what we hold to be true in our heart of hearts creates our reality. The existence of light within the body is a relatively foreign concept in science and medicine. Many scientists and doctors feel that the use of light-based treatments toward healing is too esoteric. This treatise by no means covers the wide range of scientific research that has been published in this field.

These authors desire to bring well-deserved recognition to the potential of the ongoing research advancing the interpretation of the information encoded in the biophotonic emissions of the body. This promises to advance our knowledge of healing, and indeed life itself, more than the cracking of the human genome since it is potentially the coherent light of the body that regulates genetic expression. As far back as 1976, as well as in more recent validation, research traced the occurrence of tumors back to a definite loss of coherence of the biophoton field.

The importance of restoring the optimal coherence of light metabolism and the crystalline matrix pathways is that they connect every aspect of the human being to its internal and external environment. On the physical and quantum scale, light enables the body to continually adapt to changes in the environment within and around the body. One doesn’t realize it most of the time, but our bodies must constantly adapt to everything that is vibrating around us –the lights in the room, the computer, the music playing in the background, the person or people in the vicinity, the alignment of the planets, whether or not there is a full moon or new moon. Everything vibrates in and around us.

There are 60 trillion cells in the human body, all of which must communicate at the speed of light in order to maintain the integrity of the organism. Imagine the body is constantly morphing or changing shape, literally at the speed of light. The body is changing in reaction to each thought one thinks, the medicines consumed, foods eaten, and in reaction to each and every change in one’s internal and external environment–even in reaction to what is held in the heart as truth! In fact, the body’s ability to adapt and transmit information is clocked at less than a hundred-trillionth of a second.

To put this speed into perspective, if each trillionth of a second contained the equivalent knowledge gained in one whole second, that second would represent the accumulated knowledge gained over the course of 32 million years! The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It is our belief that each of us has access to the neurophotonic information imprinted in the light energy field which is flowing through the crystalline matrix containing all of the experiencesand knowledge of the universe from the beginning of time. This includes the information streaming from the quantum reality of no time, space, or distance. This may explain the hundredth monkey phenomenon19 and the streaming of extra-sensory knowledge.

The universe, as David Bohm explains, may indeed be a progressive learning light hologram.20 Knowledge may be gained or simply brought to the forefront from the universal hologram, but just as the law of thermodynamics states that energy can never be destroyed, so too no knowledge can be destroyed. The illumination experienced during transfiguration to other dimensions indicates that light is the medium that carries forward in the hologram of all dimensions.

It is the authors’ belief that a person’s thoughts cause the mind to set up a morphogenetic field, which in turn fuels bio-holographic (coherent light) projections in the heart. These projections use biophotonic (laser-like) coherent emissions to transmit information and control inputs to the DNA, and from the DNA to the entire crystalline matrix to support the thought command. We propose the theory that heart-generated light traveling through the liquid crystalline matrix “optical fibers” of the body can produce “supercontinuum light,” thereby maintaining its coherence and resulting in the multi-system-wide effects seen when one biophotonic emission frequency from the heart is sent though the body’s crystalline matrix. (Supercontinuum light is coherent light traveling through special optical fibers that can produce or split into multicolored light, enabling light to carry greater amounts of information without loss of coherence or loss of information.)

The DNA molecules are known to be photo-receivers and photo-transmitters, and it may be that DNA is where the coherent signal is split into supercontinuum light to produce the “super-biohologram” that is the human body. It would seem that thoughts are commands to the heart. The heart then photonically imprints the myriad of DNA throughout the body with the information to make the thought command come true. Thoughts enable the heart to process the sensory information taken in from one’s environment in order to holographically adapt correctly to environmental changes. Inharmonious thought processing (negative thinking) concerning one’s perception of reality or of the internal or external environment may create distortions in the bio-hologram, ultimately resulting in manifest dysfunction in body, mind, and spirit.

The elaborate structure of DNA and its surrounding network of clustered water filaments facilitate the structuring and regulating activity of a coherent field operating within every living thing.5 DNA emits about 90% of the cellular light (biophotons) and acts as a photonic transmitter, receiver, and storage mechanism for biophotonic or other electromagnetic information.


Now with the understanding that the body is a liquid crystalline matrix, the following will review the action of light within the body. “Liquid crystals reflect different wavelengths of light depending on the orientation of its molecules.” Based upon this science, we see that when we drive photons of specific frequencies (colors) via the eyes into any molecular structure, be it the liver, heart, or lungs, the tissue will reflect back through the body’s crystalline pathways the color frequency unique to its molecular structure.

By this definition of liquid crystals from the mainstream encyclopedia, the liquid crystals of the heart will conduct and reflect different wavelengths of light (green and red respectively) than the liquid crystals of the liver (yellow and violet). To follow this concept further, if the liquid crystal pathways of the heart are blocked or encounter interference, the stimulation with frequencies of green will result either in no reflection of red (indicating that no stimulation of the tissue is occurring), or some other color frequency may result due to corruption of the crystalline pathways.

The correct structural and energetic alignment, as well as the orientation of the molecules making up the body’s crystalline matrix, dictates the integrity of the entire organism. Structural and energetic interferences to the integrity of the matrix are the ultimate source of disease. These interferences include, but are not limited to, scars and surgical interventions, toxins, structural misalignments, inharmonious thoughts, the cellular memory of physical, emotional, and spiritual traumas, and damaged meridians. The alignment and normal functioning of the crystalline matrix also depends upon the temperature of the tissue, so it is important to maintain the optimum core body temperature.

Interferences in the crystalline matrix pathways block the excitation of the endorgan’s molecular structure by incoming “colored” light, thereby disrupting the optimal function and regulation of the entire organism. According to Mae Wan Ho, Ph.D., in her enlightening book, The Rainbow and the Worm, any interference in the light metabolism of an organism is going to have local and global effects. Laser light is called “coherent light photons.” Interestingly, the heart and DNA are also said to be transmitting coherent light. The really awesome realization of this is that we know lasers, or “coherent light,” can rapidly carry a great deal of information and travel long distances without losing signal strength.

For years, maverick physiologists have stated that the ion-transfer mechanism of nerve impulses in the human body are way too slow to account for the huge amount of information transfer that is going on in the body. Desktop computers operate much faster than nerve impulses, yet these computers still cannot compute as fast as humans. It seems that the human physiology and neurology textbooks need to be revised. What was formerly credited with running the body (the central and peripheral nervous system) is just another cog in the wheel, with the crystalline fiber optics network carrying the bulk of the information and maintaining the integrity of the human organism.

The fiber optic networks that are used in the United States for communication purposes can carry “up to three trillion bits of information per second. At that rate, downloading the entire contents of the Library of Congress (over 20 million books), a feat requiring 82 years with a dial-up electronic modem, would take just 48 seconds for a fiber optic modem” (Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2003). Interestingly, a single hair-thin fiber optic thread can transmit millions of telephone calls at a time.


Through the realizations of the crystalline matrix and photonic aspects summarized above, there was developed a technique that enables the healthcare professional to adjunctively diagnose biophotonic interferences and dynamically treat patient dysfunction with the purpose of restoring optimal coherence of the body, mind, and spirit. This new photonic technique is called BioResonance Scanning(TM) ( BRS). BRS is possibly the first functional method of decoding the information within biophoton emissions.

The following is an effort to explain the science which has been extrapolated from the clinical application of BioResonance Scanning. The ultimate purpose of BRS is to identify specific frequencies of incoherence, from any source, in the tissue (pathology) and identify the corrective remedy or modality that will ultimately restore global coherence in the patient. An important point is that BRS utilizes a novel understanding of testing the body that does not rely on measuring the body’s reactions to frequencies, as in electro-dermal screening devices (a problem since the more degenerative the condition, the less reliable the reactivity of the organism), nor does it rely on meridian testing.

Unlike the many computer dermal testing device which essentially challenge the patient’s body with a rapid fire of single frequencies of pathologies, BRS can be used in frequency-sentences to obtain very specific information about the body. An example of a frequency sentence would be to essentially form the following question, “Of all of the different organs and glands that are malfunctioning in any way at any time of the night or day and in any neurological posture, which organ or gland is the worst?”

In cooperation with the inventor and developer of one of the leading Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) devices, there was performed an unpublished trial running BRS against the EDS device of that time (1997). BRS performed approximately 22 times faster in determining its findings than the EDS test did. The EDS system required 45 minutes to complete the assessment of the patient and identify the corrective remedies to balance the meridians. BRS required only 2 1/2 minutes to achieve the same results which were then verified by the EDS system.

The EDS devices are based upon assessment of the body via acupuncture meridians, while BRS evaluates the entire organism globally by performing a dynamic analysis in real-time. Regarding objectivity, in another unpublished research study (Jernigan, Smith, Jernigan, 1997), a tissue slide of breast cancer was placed upon the belly of a patient and the EDS device was unable to detect the pathology. The body was not reacting strongly enough to the frequency emitted by the molecular structure embedded within the tissue sample on the slide.

This same slide was hidden by the patient on the body and, using BRS, was correctly and rapidly identified independently by three doctors. Upon review of patient records, additional in-house statistics reveal that BRS diagnostic findings for specific pathologies were confirmed with an 86% accuracy when substantiated by blood tests, xrays, and MRI’s. BRS utilizes various biological Global Access Points(TM) (GAPs) to transmit and receive information from remote parts of the body at one access point. BRS can, however, also access localized information from any non-GAP point of the body. It may help to view GAPs with the following example.

The administrator of a corporation accesses the mainframe computer through many different terminals connected to all of the centralized information in the mainframe (GAP), while a secretary’s access privileges only allow her to view information pertinent to her job (local). It is these authors’ opinion that BRS transmits photoelectrical wavelengths created by the neurophotonic emissions of the doctor’s thoughts and handmodes.

Handmodes are specific positions made with the physician’s fingers. When movement and tension are set up in the tissues, as when the fingers are held in certain positions, the tension on the fabric or matrix changes the length of the molecular antennae within the doctor’s myofascial system, and thereby sets up different resonant frequencies picked up by a device called a Resonator (see below). Another mechanism for generating the handmode frequency is the central nervous system impulse-thought to create and transmit photo-electrical frequencies from the doctor’s hand. In these ways, handmodes (frequencies) are capable of harmonically entraining the frequency of a specific pathogen. The pathogen, whether virus, bacteria, or cancer pathology, has a specific photoelectric frequency signature, based upon its photonic information and molecular structure.

The handmode frequency is believed to be electro-photonically transmitted from the doctor’s hand into the patient’s body crystalline matrix via the thousands of photoelectrical receptors in the skin. Energy fields held over the skin can have profound biological effects, especially when held over certain active regions of the skin–GAPs. Although GAPs enable the doctor to access total body (global) information from key points on the body, localized and associated information can be accessed from anywhere on the body. GAPs therefore enable the doctor to identify problems distant to the point of testing.

The most commonly used GAPs are located in four general locations:

1. Forehead, above and between the brows;

2. External occipital protuberance (EOP);

3. Anterior heart;

4. Umbilicus.

The crystalline matrix of the patient’s body carries or enables the handmode frequency to specifically resonate with the frequency of the pathology in the body and back to a device called a Resonator, the actual photo-electricalresonance detector. The Resonator is a belt-worn device with a synthetic polymer membrane.

When the Resonator membrane is rubbed by the doctor, an electromagnetic friction occurs as the surface tension of the membrane changes in reaction to the photo-electro-luminescent reflection or radiant transmission from the pathology or pathogen within the patient.

This increased surface tension on the Resonator is similar to the psauoscopy defined in Dorland’s Medical dictionary as “A method of physical examination where the observation of increased friction is experienced when one lightly rubs a finger pad back and forth on the skin over an area of pathology. The finger seems to encounter greater resistance and the skin seems more tense and less supple.”

Upon the specific handmode’s frequency interaction with the target pathology’s molecular frequency, an optical and electrical property (absorption, fluorescence, reflectance, refractive index, etc.) of the pathology’s molecular structure undergoes a measurable change. In this way, the modified patho-photo-electrical frequency is guided back through the patient’s body crystalline matrix and travels through the body’s bioluminescent fields (which have been scientifically documented to surround the body) to the Resonator.

The Resonator membrane is made of a special photo-electrically sensitive, synthetic material. The pathology signal is amplified by the resonator through altering the membrane’s surface tension, creating an electromagnetic friction on the membrane that is detectable when the doctor rubs the membrane. The appropriate forming of the handmode allows the physician to carry out, in real time, specific tests of the target chemical substances.

Diagnostically, BRS enables the physician to create bio-photoelectrical frequencies from the physician’s own body to challenge, in real time, the patient’s body for an exact frequency match to standardized or otherwise known pathological specimen frequencies. These frequencies are matched either to actual microbes in suspension, or to microbial or tissue pathology frequencies imprinted in vials expressly for the purpose of adjunctive diagnostic techniques.

From a treatment perspective, and as discussed earlier, BRS enables the doctor to sequence photo-electrical “sentences” of frequencies to determine more specific patient information. This type of formatting of frequencies enables one to determine not only the simple presence of pathology, but its degree of priority in the scheme of problems going on in a patient. From the format testing, the physician can determine issues such as the top ten worst organ or gland problems at any time of day or night and in any patient posture.

This means that even if the patient’s worst organ problem is their heart, and their heart only has problems at three in the morning and only when they lie on their right side, and the patient is in your office at noon, the physician would still be able to detect the three a.m. problem as the patient’s worst problem and then proceed to use BRS to determine what exact medicine or treatment is needed to correct the heart problem, be it a structural, chemical, stressrelated, electrical, or photonic etiology or correction.

Our theory is that the frequency of the hand mode, and the frequency test pathology, and the frequency of the remedy, are all very close to the same frequency–now perhaps simply reversible–matching the pathology’s reverse photonic emission.


It is amazing that we can facilitate the healing of anyone when we consider the incredible range of things that can cause dysfunction in the body. Regardless of what a doctor calls an illness, in the end it must come down to this: how are we going to restore the integrity of the person as a whole? Forcing the body into drug-induced illusions of health with pharmaceuticals must be relegated to medical museums. Even natural medicine often follows an errant, allopathic mentality, targeting this or that microbe or toxin with the hopes that its eradication will enable the body, mind and spirit to be restored.

The problem has always been how to assess and treat the body as one completely integrated organism, as opposed to the “pieces and parts” reductionist mentality of our training. Through the sequencing of BRS, it is relatively simple to restore the integrity within all of the “organ circuits” of the body. Assessment using electro-dermal scans and kinesiology would at this point reveal “perfect balance” in the body; however, the authors realized that however wonderful and healing this restoration of the organ circuits, it was just balancing the body to the environment of the lighting in the treatment room.

After years of practicing in this manner, and enjoying above average success, we realized that if we challenged the newly “balanced” patient with high intensity light of a specific color in their eyes, the entire organism would be thrown into chaos. The challenge of a specific color caused a cascade of biochemical and bioenergetic disturbances, identified via BRS, which affected the organism locally and globally. Every muscle that could be challenged would become weak.

The entirety of the patient was shifted adversely by their inability to efficiently process light through the liquid crystalline matrix.

To date, the authors have never found anyone who could process light correctly. This led to develop the treatment technique now called NeuroPhotonic Therapy(TM) (NPT).

Essentially, NPT uses special, variable intensity glasses to challenge the crystalline matrix pathways. Then, using BRS, one can identify the blockages and problems in the matrix and provide the corrective information (using many different frequency treatments, i.e. homeopathy, Solfeggio tuning forks, essential oils, frequency modulated cold-laser, EM field therapy, etc., as determined by BRS) and treatment that results in progressively and near-instantaneous realignment and correction of the pathways.

We postulate that the traveling of light through the matrix pathways may be seen as what is known as spatial optical solitons, as discussed in the emerging field of nonlinear optics. Interestingly, once the pathway’s integrity is restored, the previously irritating color will test via BRS as now “highly beneficial” or a “primary” treatment to the body. It is as if the tissues with the greatest affinity to the color used were starved for this frequency stimulation!

By challenging multiple colors and combinations of colors, true restoration of the integrity of the organism as a whole can be achieved. The restoration of the organism’s optimal coherence can be monitored and verified by EDS, BRS, applied/clinical kinesiological tests, and in patient subjective and objective improvements. It is likely that as we improve the alignment of the liquid crystalline matrix pathways, there will be increased coherence and the body’s fields will get stronger. The key to long-term health and healing is in maintaining the optimal coherence of the body, mind, and spirit over the course of a long enough time frame for the organisms to process through all of the corrective inputs of the treatments.

The end result is accelerated healing of the body, mind and spirit, since all three of these are interconnected as part of the one organism. The reality, it would seem, is that whether a person looks at a red cardinal or a red dress, if they cannot process that color through the crystalline matrix of their body correctly, it will cause global problems. The intensity of the light may dictate the degree of disturbance. In the quest for ever-greater spiritual enlightenment, we must recognize that the spirit will be hampered in its ability to transcend by incoherence in the body and mind. BioResonance Scanning(TM) and NeuroPhotonic Therapy(TM) are appropriately “light-based” technologies that may lead the world closer to a truly holistic approach to facilitating healing and transcendence.

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