We Can All Dance When.We Find Music We Love Sign Why Does Everyone Have To Be The Same As Us?

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Why Does Everyone Have To Be The Same As Us?

Most people on this planet live through the ego. They feel that they themselves are special, apart from the crowd in some way, but they are unwilling to recognize other people’s specialness. They are threatened by the people who are different from them – but instead of seeking to understand another person’s point of view, condemn them.

The various clubs of speciality

There are many different ‘exclusive clubs’ that people proudly belong to. there is:

  • National clubs

  • Color of leather clubs

  • Rich, poor and between clubs

  • Political clubs

  • Religious clubs

  • Sexual orientation clubs

  • Disabled clubs

  • Sickness clubs

  • Sports clubs

  • Creative arts clubs

  • Intellectual and non-intellectual clubs

  • Environmental clubs

  • Animal rights clubs

  • Food Choice Clubs

  • Health Choice Clubs

And the list goes on! What many people fail to recognize is that there is actually only one club

The human club

Our diversity is what makes life interesting. I like to see people who dance or make beautiful music, bring out emotions through their acting skills, or talented athletes. I also understand myself well enough to know that I don’t have enough passion for any of these things to make the necessary sacrifices to approach their level of excellence. Back in my teens and 20s, I played the guitar and sang folk songs in public and was also immersed in amateur dramatics – in fact, I wanted to be a Shakespearean actress at that time. In retrospect, I realize that these pursuits were not my ultimate passion. I have friends who are athletes, dancers, singers and artists – each of them has such a passion for their form of expression that for them it is as important as breathing. While I may have had the talent, I didn’t have the sheer passion needed, so I don’t belong in their clubs – I only get a glimpse inside through my memberships.

In most places in the world, members of the Creative Arts Club are welcomed and even sought after, and the ‘cream of the crop’ are showered with our admiration for their superior skills. There are a few countries where creative expression is prohibited and the consequences are severe, but fortunately these are few.

The positive and negative effects of these clubs

As mentioned above, members of the Creative Arts Club are not generally ostracized and many other clubs are willing to open their doors to these people and accept them as members. However, not all clubs are created equal.

Many clubs grant members of other clubs visiting rights! For example, many of us today have friends and colleagues of different nationalities, skin color, religions, politics, sexual orientation, etc. The combination of these club members creates the platform for the Human Being Club.

The problems really arise through the core members of each of these clubs. The righteous – the people who hate everyone who is different! Their intolerance is the main cause of suffering in this world of ours. The clubs with the most money, power, and influence, namely the political, religious, and health-choice clubs, can target these hard-core members of their own and other clubs and manipulate and incite them into behavior rooted in fear-based beliefs. From this, another club was created – the ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’ club.

Being a paid member of any of these clubs can be extremely limiting. Some of the club memberships are obvious, ie. I can’t pretend I’m not in the white English women’s club – the English I might be able to get away with for a little while, but the white and female definitely not!

Some people have a fear of being thrown out by other club members if they spread their wings and start making friends with other ‘forbidden/tolerated’ club members. In fact, they may lose both their friends and family if they make that choice, so fear keeps them in a club that no longer fits them and limits learning and forward movement.

I’m also debating about the ‘disease’ clubs. I know it is comforting to be in communication with other people suffering from the same diseases, who can offer us support in our most difficult times and when we are in pain. However, I think a lot depends on the orientation of the particular club – does it function as a ‘pity party’, or is it full of people who are genuinely trying to get better (and don’t believe when you’re told they can’t) and are willing to look outside of conventional medical practices to find a cure – whether it By switching to a raw diet, or trying homeopathy. If there is information sharing, with people reporting healing, then more power to them. However, if it just becomes a lot of people bemoaning their fate, then it closes the door to health – and a question I often ask myself – what happens if a person in this club gets better – does he lose his membership?

Love, tolerance and understanding

Instead of trying to wipe people who are different from us off the face of the earth, why can’t we just communicate and understand their point of view? In the grand scheme of things, despite what is commonly reported, I believe most people are peace-loving and willing to consider the beliefs of others. We only hear the news about the hard core extremists in these various groups and then we tend to get an unbalanced view of the world in general.

The populations of many countries have become so fearful based on what is happening in their personal lives that they actually vote for fear-based leaders who want to lead them to war – they vote for people who come from a similar energy as their own. His. Therefore, people who they think are the same as them. In fact, if any politician dares to mention peace or talk to ‘the enemy’ – they are labeled as weak or traitors, when in fact they are the ones trying to improve our lives. Somehow we see ‘war talk’ as strong and ‘peace talk’ as weak. How strange it is!

I always remember that my grandmother was really scared when she heard that a black family was moving in next door. At that time in Bristol there were very few black families in the area and Nana only saw black people on television. Such were the times! A few months after the family moved in, Nana had nothing but praise for them. That winter was extremely difficult with a heavy snow fair and she told me that when the neighbor cleared his front steps, he cleared hers too – no one had ever done that for her before. He treated her as he would his own mother. All it took was familiarity and some communication and fear went out the window. On top of that, my closest friend at the time was Jamaican – so she had first-hand experience of our similarities, not our differences.

In conclusion

I believe it is human nature to communicate and cooperate with people who are like us, but what many people see as ‘like us’ is reduced to very superficial characteristics. I remember my Jamaican boyfriend’s sister being the most terrified. She was the only black woman in her company and then another black woman was hired. They were automatically put to work together because they were both black and obviously had a lot in common – that’s what the employer thought! The truth is that they had nothing in common, did not come from the same country and did not actively love each other. It is always a mistake to assume something on a purely superficial basis.

I consider myself lucky to have had an open-minded father, who could look beyond my surface and see the person inside. I remember when he invited a stranger to the house, who turned out to be the local vagabond. What Dad saw was this man’s camera, and saw beyond poverty and homelessness, to the photographer within. They had a great conversation about photography.

I have many friends who are members of the various clubs mentioned above and each of them has taught me so much about different cultures and lifestyles, enriching my life in the process. I recommend that everyone start a conversation with someone who doesn’t look like them – you might be surprised to find out exactly how much you have in common!

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