What Is Copyright Awareness?

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What Is Copyright Awareness?

There is no standard definition of “copyright awareness”. However, some critics have argued that awareness can only be defined in light of what is manifested in all forms of perception, knowledge, and consciousness. In each expression, awareness is revealed as the ability to perceive (perception), to know (knowledge) or the state of being aware (consciousness).

In a simple definition, awareness means that you are aware of something. Let’s say “I am aware of road accidents” it is qualified as “awareness of road accidents”. Similarly, when “I am aware of copyright”, it is also “aware of copyright”. This means that whenever there is awareness of something, that thing becomes a subject suitable for awareness.

In this respect, copyright awareness is knowing that copyright exists and knowledge about it. This is a state of conscious knowledge of copyright in a perceptible way. When users of copyrighted materials demonstrate this sense of awareness in an educational institution, it gives creators the opportunity to enjoy the economic value of their creations and motivates their creation.

Copyright awareness can be developed when conscious efforts are made to exercise it. For example, when copyright notices are displayed at various points where copyright material is primarily used.

The importance of copyright awareness can be noticed in its absence. That is, the absence of copyright can be observed when there is a problem of uncontrolled copyright infringement activities such as illegal copying, plagiarism and piracy within an academic setting.

Awareness in all areas of life is very challenging. In the same vein, awareness of copyright protection also remains a controversial aspect of copyright law globally regarding copyright-eligible works, non-copyrighted works, and the protection of authors under copyright protection. However, it reveals that many people have little or no knowledge in this regard.

On the other hand, it can be said that Copyright Infringement Awareness (ACI) is the awareness created when people become aware, aware, alert and responsive that unauthorized use of copyrighted works is prohibited. Some researchers have argued that before we can discuss what constitutes copyright infringement awareness (ACI), it’s probably a good idea to spell out what they specifically are rights which are granted by copyright A law that may be broken. For example, in Ghana, according to Bosumprah (2009), “Copyright is infringed when a copyrighted work is used in any of the following ways without any permission from the copyright owner:

  • Duplication, reproduction, extraction or import into Israel not for personal use but for commercial purposes.
  • Distribution of work for sale in Ghana”.

The reason for this is that a work used in the manner mentioned above may harm the honor or reputation of the creator. This is why section 41 of the Copyright Act, 2005 (Act 690) considers an act that is contrary to the rights of a creator as stipulated in sections 5 and 6 as a violation of copyright. Therefore, since the copyright owner has the exclusive right to do all of these things (or allow others to do them), infringement can occur when someone does any of them without the copyright owner’s permission (Davidson, 2010).

However, Davidson (2010), agrees with other researchers that “most copyright infringement claims involve Unauthorized… ”

  • Reproduction (as in copying a work) through photography, according to Panethiere (2005), is one of the common ways of violating copyright in literary works.
  • Distribution (as in copies of the work) through piracy. According to Panethiere (2005) this happens through the unauthorized production and sale of copyright works – what Osman (2010) saw as forgeryor the creation or distribution of imitations of original works with the intent to deceive the public as to their authenticity.
  • Using someone else’s ideas or words, as in plagiarism, or using someone else’s ideas or words without giving proper credit to the source, Osman (2010).

Following this, Panethiere (2005) argued that

“ThisAn entire work need not be reproduced or more than one reproduction made for copyright infringement to occur. Copyright infringement occurs as long as a substantial part of a work is reproduced or otherwise used under copyright.”

The reason for this is that what is a significant part often passes a qualitative rather than a quantitative test. The quality or substance of what is taken, not the quantity taken, is what will most often determine whether the dose taken is significant or not.


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