What Is Legal and Illegal File Sharing?

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What Is Legal and Illegal File Sharing?

Legal and illegal file sharing is related to the copyright holder. Copyright is one of the most important things in an entrepreneur’s life. This is because intellectual property is one of the greatest things an entrepreneur can own. If an entrepreneur has anything that can make money, it’s his ideas. These ideas are what create inventions, services and products. Therefore, an entrepreneur must be very careful about how they protect their ideas and, therefore, their copyrights.

Therefore, the advent of peer-to-peer sharing or file sharing has caused a major rift when it comes to an entrepreneur’s intellectual property. Once an entrepreneur was able to obtain a copyright and that was enough to protect his creations from most people. However, the new age of the internet has made it all too easy for people to share files across the internet. Therefore, many entrepreneurs find that their intellectual works are shared across the Internet without being fairly compensated for that work.

This is why there is so much copyright litigation on the Internet. This is also why so many congressional representatives are trying to regulate the Internet because of the widespread piracy that Internet users engage in at the present time. People with copyrights usually have some money to influence how the laws work. Therefore, they are trying to tighten the screws on people who engage in Internet piracy.

Whether it was effective or not remains to be seen because there are so many people doing this activity that it’s hard to catch them all. The response to this problem was to attack the owners of the file sharing programs themselves. This has been done with some success as there is a major file share owner who is currently in jail based on the piracy activities of his users. This is an unfortunate situation, but it will continue to happen until piracy becomes an activity that is rarely carried out in the future.

However, there is legal file sharing and that is the sharing of information or products that a particular user actually currently owns the copyright to. This type of file sharing is permitted by law and is at the discretion of the user. There is nothing wrong with a user sharing their knowledge as long as it is a product, service or intellectual property that the user owns.

The real problem is when the user does not own the copyright to the product, service or intellectual property they are sharing. Piracy is considered illegal by local and national governments. Therefore, this type of file sharing will always be illegal and will always be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because this type of piracy should not be allowed to happen.

As mentioned, if an entrepreneur has anything, it is his ideas and his copyrights. If these things are taken from the developer, then they really have nothing else. Illegal file sharing will always be frowned upon now and in the future. Therefore, the user should always be careful about the types of information they share and whether or not they own the information they are trying to share.

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