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Music Review of a Hundred Million Suns by Snow Patrol

“Snow Tour” They are a five piece Irish/Scottish indie/alternative rock band from Dundee. Snow Patrol was formed in 1994 and currently the band consists of Gary Lightbody (vocals and guitar), Nathan Connolly (guitar and background vocals), Paul Wilson (bass), Johnny Quinn (drums) and Tom Simpson (keyboards). Snow Patrol were originally known as an indie rock band but transitioned to a more alternative rock and power pop sound.

One Hundred Million Suns opens with “If there is a rocket call me to it”. It starts at a distance with synthesizers and gradually sounds louder and enters the track when the right momentum arrives. When the guitar comes on, it sounds really good before Gary comes in with his husky yet soft vocals. As Gary sings, the background music continues and hits a climax as Gary says, “Fire, fire, you can only take what you can carry… Your pulse is pounding, that’s the only thing I can remember…” Snow Patrol also brings up the The pace in this part. The remaining minute, If There’s A Rocket Tie Me To It just gets stronger and the Snow Patrol adds some background howls as Gary sings all the way through… great appetizer here…

“crack the shutters” Begins with gentle piano playing. Gary’s voice just works so well with the piano in the verse. In the chorus, the drums are just pounding and Gary says, “Open the blinds wide, I want to bathe you in the light of day… and just watch you as the rays wrap around your face and body…” The guitar also joins in here and the whole track opens up to a new beat and it sounds more lively. It’s not a fast track overall, but it will work on anyone, including you. Believe me.

time “take back the city” Starting off, the guitar just makes me think this track could be big. I was instantly hooked on Take Back The City. Snow Patrol’s guitar just knows how to fit so well in this track. With the style they play, Take Back The City should have sounded loud and intense. But Snow Patrol know what we love about them, and they’ve done it again with this track. They never fail to sway and at the same time, remain as soft and charming as ever. In the chorus where Gary goes, “It’s a mess, it’s a beginning, it’s a damaged work of art, your city, your conversation…”, you’re treated to a repetition of rocking guitar riffs complementing Gary’s vocals. Snow Patrol are having fun with this song, I can definitely feel it.

“Lifeboats” There are some fixed guitars at the beginning. While the guitar is playing, Gary just walks in and starts singing in his lovely husky voice. No doubt, I love the rhythm of lifeboats here. Very good stuff! The music just joined the bass when it comes to a certain point where we find Gerry saying, “Flickering in my wildest dreams, like streams of red blood, stretching like a vast sky… Your veins, my veins, like golden forest trees… Pushing through and onward.” ..” Soon after, I love the violin-like sound that goes on and off as Gary sings. If just feels so great to listen to it. Lifeboats is one of those tracks that will impress you after a few listens. It’s slow and catchy in a way that might wake you up and make you hit the replay button as the song nears its end. And what an end!

“The Golden Floor” There is some clapping at the beginning with the guitar playing in the background. Gary just came in with his vocals not long after “Golden Floor” started. Throughout this track, the hand claps give the impression that they are replacing the drums even though the drums are played on this track, but are barely audible as the hand claps overpower it by miles. Snow Patrol are very consistent in The Golden Floor, some may find it boring, and some may love it. Still you just have to try the gold floor to find out.

“Please just take these pictures off my hands” Brings the pace back. The incessant guitar riffs seem to be the main element that keeps this song going with Gary just singing his usual stuff. In the chorus, the guitar picks up another high-tuned riff, with Gary letting it go with, “When all this real life played? Where the hell was I? I’m hitting my brain but it won’t come… .” Snow Patrol seems to have already got their trademark guitar sound as I always catch them playing the same guitar style on almost every fast track. As the song ends, Gary just sings over and over, “Please just take these photos from my hands…” One of those tracks that reminds me of “Spitting Games” from the Final Straw album.

“Put your glass down” is a track that brings Snow Patrol from a fast paced track to a slower paced track. There aren’t many instruments used in Set Down Your Glass, the most obvious sounds being the guitar and Gary Lightbody’s vocals. He just has the voice of a beautiful ballad singer and love songs. I’m sure Gary would have done amazing too if this song was an acapella version. Set Down Your Glass just shows the strength of his voice here. Pretty adorable!

“The planets bend between us” To me it is a beautiful love song ballad. And the lyrics themselves contain the title of the album, “A hundred million suns…” Gary makes an impact with his voice here singing, “I will race you to the waterside, and from the edge of Ireland shouted out loud, so they could hear it In America, it’s all for you…” The part where Gary sings, “It’s all for you…” is the best part of all. I just love the way Gary expands his vocals on the word “you…” a beautiful and loving ballad here, showing that Snow Patrol are capable of writing such a meaningful and thought-provoking song that manages to capture anyone’s heart. This song will melt you, pamper you and best of all, touch you.

“engines” There are some wails at the beginning before joining a high guitar riff. After every line of Gary’s vocals, you can hear the high-pitched guitar riff almost like dessert after a sumptuous main course. In the chorus you can hear a second guitar and it has a fairy tale-like element when it plays in the chorus alongside Gary’s vocals. Another thing worth mentioning is the cleverly written lyrics, “You say you love me like the silence of the turning earth, you say you love me like the endless roar of modern life, you say you love me like the laughter and laughter. I kissed away tears, you say you love me as before in the coming years…” There is no other word that can describe these words other than beautiful, unless you can find a better word.

“disaster button” There’s a little uptempo guitar in the opening. It sounds like he’s taking small steps up the stairs. Gary just sings like he’s talking. When he gets to the right momentum, the whole track seems to take off loud and fast and yet, Gary just sings without much effort, “Jump forward to late, you look light on your feet, when you whirled into the room, I was nailed to my seat…” Snow Patrol’s guitars seem to Enjoy their role by playing it loud most of the time on Disaster Button. Instead of Disaster Button, this song should be called “Explosion Button” because of the power and energy of this track.

“Lightning Strike” Ends A Hundred Million Suns with a track that contains three different tracks and is over 16 minutes long together. The first song is called “What If This Storm Ends?”. It starts with steady piano playing for a while before Gary comes in with these vocals. When he sings, the music seems to be enriched by instruments like horn and trombone. It doesn’t really have a chorus, just a line of lyrics that Gary sings. Not a bad first track of a three-track song. When you enter the second track, it is called “Sunlight Through the Flags”. As it continues from “What If This Storm Ends?”, it has a faster piano at the beginning. The deal here is when it gets to the point where the guitar just kicks in with a slow looped guitar riff in the background, with Gary saying, “Don’t worry it’s all sound, this is the safest place you’ve found, the only noise outside is us, pulling our tea from honey jars…” Ultimately, this track just ends with the piano he first played at the beginning. Come to the third track of “The Lightning Strike”, “Daybreak” leverages synthesizers for its opening. When Gary goes into the verse here, every line in the verse is sung in a long, drawn-out vocal.

The music suddenly takes a different turn as the bass enters with a clearer sound after the first verse. As it progresses further into this track, Snow Patrol just focuses more on the music and the most obvious sound is the guitar where you can once again hear it played in the way that Snow Patrol are always known for. A very ambitious ending to Snow Patrol!

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