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The Movie "Pretty Woman" and the Law of Attraction

Pretty Woman is the movie that made the brilliant Julia Roberts famous. This is a great movie to discuss the law of attraction. What we focus on, expand and whatever comes our way, we attract through our emotions, or often called, our vibration. Julia plays the role of Vivian, a woman who works as a prostitute to earn enough money to pay her bills. She lives with Kit in another whorehouse. From the very beginning of the film, it is clear that Vivian so badly wants more in her life.

The concept of WANTING is an integral part of the Law of Attraction theory. Everything we want (or ask for) is always given, ask and it is given. To receive what we ask for, we must enter into a positive emotion and high trust and know that it will come.

At first, Kit just used their rent money to pay a pimp and Vivian is angry. When Vivian confronts Kit, Kit says, “Don’t piss me off,” Vivian responds by angrily saying, “Piss you off, piss you off, I just saw a girl taken out of the trash can, you don’t want to get out of her. There! This lets the audience know that she believes there’s a lot more for herself in life and that her current state is temporary in her mind.

Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) is a very unhappy rich man who, as he states, “pushes” people for money. He is shown not having fun at his party. He decides to leave in his lawyer’s car and go back to his hotel. Passing by where Vivian and Kit are driving that evening, he has trouble driving the Lotus Supreme he borrowed. Vivian just knows a lot about cars and when she approaches him to solicit him as a customer, she offers to show Edward the way to his hotel for $20. You can see her celebratory nature in this exchange. She has strong self-confidence and speaks clearly.

Edward invites her to his penthouse suite. At first she only intends to stay for an hour, then in the evening and then Edward invites her to spend the week with him for $3000. “I will pay you to be on my ‘applicant call’ all week, he declares. For both of them this is a business venture. Their romantic relationship begins on the first night.

Their first night together, Edward works all night. In the morning Vivian says “You don’t sleep, you don’t drink, you don’t do drugs, what are you doing Edward?” “What do you do?” she asks. “I buy companies and sell them, then I break the companies into pieces and sell them parts. Parts of a company are worth more than anything.” Vivian then comments that he doesn’t actually sell anything or make anything. This begins the process of Edward becoming more aware of what he is actually doing. This creates a dissonance within that was not clear before where the meaning for him in what he does ?

Vivian’s entry into the world of wealth and beautiful things she wanted begins. Edward gives her money to buy clothes and jewelry, which make her an even more stunning woman. The whole week is packed with activities that only people with money enjoy. Her ease into abundance clearly shows that she already saw herself as abundant. It’s been part of her plan for a long time.

The understanding that something never comes out only into a person’s experience, it “comes into expression” for a while in his mind and emotions. This is how the law of attraction works, everything is created in thought first before it manifests.

At first, Barney, the hotel manager, sees Vivian walking through the hotel dressed like a prostitute. He calls her into his office to examine her for her “inappropriate behavior”. He brings up her frustration during this meeting as she has just been denied service at several clothing stores because of how she is dressed. Moved by her plight, he calls his best friend, Bridget, who works in a women’s clothing store. Bridget is kind and reassuring to Vivian, helping her change her outer beauty.

As a viewer, seeing Vivian’s transformation happen so quickly is exciting. It shows her confidence and self-esteem blossoming.

Edward Lewis’ unethical and unsavory business practices are exposed at dinner with Mr. Morris and his grandson David. Maurice, another businessman is in financial trouble and has to sell his company, even though he doesn’t want to let it go. Mr. Morris and David both abruptly leave the dinner early because they are so upset with Edward’s methods of tearing up companies and selling the parts and especially his arrogance.

Later that evening, Vivian says, “I think you like Mr. Morris.” She begins to become his conscience. Edward obviously didn’t feel good about his job because he is quick to fire her. He replies, the truth is that it’s really irrelevant whether I love this man or not, I won’t let myself get emotionally involved in business, Edward insists.

Vivian shares “When I’m with a man I just stay numb, I don’t get involved……I don’t get excited when I do tricks, I don’t kiss on the mouth. When I’m with a guy, I’m like a robot, I just do it.”

Edward replies, “You and I are such similar creatures Vivian, we both screw people for money.” His realization that he has attracted someone with a similar vibration is clear. Also, his dissatisfaction with who he is increases. Edward’s change and new desires begin when Vivian increases his awareness of what he does for money and it is clear that it begins to bother him. Also, his affection for Vivian is growing stronger.

One night at a polo event he takes Vivian to, Edward ends up telling Stucky, his lawyer, that Vivian is a whore. Stucky makes a very unkind comment to Vivian when they are alone and Vivian is mad at Edward. Her anger is refreshing and empowering for her and here Edward realizes that he has crossed an unacceptable line. Just before she is about to enter the elevator to leave the apartment, he comes and apologizes to her, promising never to do such a thing again, admitting, “It was stupid and cruel. He also admits that he envied her talking to her. David Morris.”

“You hurt me, don’t do it again,” she states firmly. After this meeting, they begin to understand each other better and their love begins to blossom. Vivian shares how she came to be a prostitute and comments that “if people pick you up enough, you start to believe it.” He replies, “I think you are a very bright, very special woman.”

It is clear that both of them wanted a very meaningful love relationship because they were attracted to each other. It’s fun to watch their love unfold. I love the humor, mixed with affection that is shown.

Edward begins to soften to who he really is, behind the tough businessmen facade. He starts playing, having fun, being lighthearted and falling in love with Vivian. And in the next business meeting with Mr. Morris he invites him to go into business together and build ships with him. “I know you still want to buy your company and break it up and I find myself in unfamiliar territory, I want to help you!” Mr. Morris says “I’m proud of you” and Edward replies, “Thank you.”

It’s clear that Edward is transitioning into his true self, the loving, kind and strong man that he really is. Vivian inspired him to his kindness. The day before the end of their deal, Edward says “I would really love to see you again. I arranged for you an apartment and a car and some money and any number of other things.” Then Vivian comes to clarity and shares her dream of what she really wants. “I want to be loved prince handsome, I want the whole package, the house, the white picket fence, the husband, everything. She understands that she will not settle for less than the whole dream.

In a conversation with Kit, who came to the hotel to visit her, Kit realizes that she has fallen in love with Edward. In their conversation, the only person they can think of that has fully worked out is “Cinderella”. They both laugh. In the last scenes Vivian tells Edward “You made me a really nice offer and now everything has changed, you changed it and now I want more”. Edward answers “I know about wanting more, I invented the term. The question is how much more.” Vivian says “I want the legend”.

Edward says “impossible relationship”. Vivian leaves and tells him “I think you have a lot of special gifts.” It’s a wonderful moment when you realize that even though he has all the money, that’s not what really matters. This is not what brings true happiness and joy.

When Edward goes to the airport with the same driver who drove Vivian home the day before, he ends up stopping to buy flowers and then asks the driver to go to Vivian with haunting opera music playing in the background. Vivian hears the music and when Edward walks up the steep stairs to her apartment with the flowers in his mouth and says, “So what happened after he climbed up the tower and he saved her,” she replies, “She saves him right back.” A statement that expresses her self-confidence and sense of empowerment and clarity Hers is exactly what she wants, having been willing to lose everything with Edward if the whole dream wasn’t in place.

Two people are now in alignment with Source energy and their deepest desires. Both Julia Roberts and Richard Gere do a wonderful job in this film. Their game is great. The law of attraction is the process of desire, reaching for what is desired and then calling it with our thoughts and feelings, until it feels right to act out of inspiration. I enjoy how the filmmakers here have created such a great story.

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