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CLIP SONIC AR281 CD Radio Alarm Clock Product Review

One look at this great alarm clock and you’ll be in love. Not only does it look great, the CLIP SONIC – AR281 CD Radio Alarm Clock has everything you need for the bedroom, radio, CD player and alarm clock all in one. If that’s not enough it also comes with an mp3 jack so you can listen to tunes from your portable player on the great speakers.

If you are pressed for space this model can be installed on the wall so you don’t take up valuable space on your bedside table. Mount it behind you for a surround CD experience while you fall asleep, or if you have the room, it has a beautiful black base that makes the model look even more sleek and stylish. The digital radio tuner in this alarm clock means you get your exact radio station without interruption, not to mention all the extra channels now available on digital radio, whether you like sports, politics or any type of music, you can find a channel to suit you.

So whether you’re looking for a good CD player for your boudoir, or you want a good alarm clock with a radio receiver, you’ll get both in a stylish package with the CLIP SONIC – AR281 CD Radio Alarm Clock. Choose to wake up to hum, radio, CD or mp3 player, this model does it all. Buy it for its looks or buy it for its great functionality. In any case it is definitely worth the price.

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