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How to Really Know If Music is Your True Calling

This issue is not as simple as you might think. There are too many people out there who spend years working on something only to find out too late that it’s not what they really love. It’s a dangerous situation to be in because time is one thing you can’t get back in life.

I know too many types of music that gave up in the middle of the journey for various reasons. Sometimes it’s out of their control. But many times it just boils down to a loss of motivation. Now, even that can be broken down further. There are many reasons to lose motivation for something. Some people can’t find ways to make enough money through music so they give it up. Others simply do not feel that their creative work is appreciated.

But music is not one monolithic thing. There are so many creative things that can be done in the field of music that a person who is passionate enough about music can find a way to make a living given enough time and effort.

I was thinking about all of this because I had a rare conversation last night with a friend of mine who told me that she felt like she had no purpose in her life. She wanted goals. I asked her what she was passionate about. She said she didn’t know. I said how could you not know. She said no.

It was a little difficult for me to understand her mindset because I have always had strong passions and acted on them. I like to write, for example. I also love music, I love the internet and I love business. The nexus of all this is this little startup company called MADE. These are the ideas we write about and the web applications we develop (you will hear about our web-based platform, which will allow you to manage your music career soon…). But it occurred to me that many people, like my friend, don’t have these passions because they don’t spend enough time reflecting on who they really are.

If you don’t understand yourself, then it’s almost impossible to know where you want to go. And I argue that your 20s is the time to understand all of this. I would also say that if you haven’t discovered your passions by the age of 30, it becomes very difficult to do so.

A lot of these indie music artists I know who gave it up did so because they found out they weren’t who they thought they were. They thought they liked music, but they really didn’t.

So how do you know if you really like something? How will you know if you have the passion required to focus on something for years and make a dream come true? These are very important questions because nothing less than your time is at stake.

I would say there are two things you need to look at. First, the end product of what you do should give you a sense of pride. You don’t have to love the process of doing something to love the end result. Writing words on paper stresses me out. This is not what I would call fun. But I like a completed article. the final product. I feel proud of the product. I am proud to help readers through my ideas. I’m passionate about it. Do you feel that way when you make music? Are you proud to make your fans happy? It should always be about her, not you.

The second point, which I found to be true, is that being really passionate about something helps if you hate something else. You need enemies because they keep you emotionally motivated and focused. I hate big, soulless, faceless companies like Microsoft and Macy’s, for example. They represent the old to me. They tend to treat customers badly because a customer is just a walking wallet for them. I love Google. I love the Internet because it is the antithesis of the Microsofts of the world. I also like it because its transparency forces businesses to be honest and not treat people like scum. Hating big old corporations (especially big dirty record labels) keeps me passionate about the internet. Enemies keep you focused. What are your enemies?

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