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Jamie Foxx – Intuition Album Review

In 2005 Jamie Foxx’s album Unpredictable debuted at #2 and rose to #1 in its second week. Now, after a four year wait, he has released his third studio album, the highly anticipated Intuition. Though his career has been successful, it did not blossom overnight.

Jamie Foxx has been acting, singing and performing comedy since the early ’90s, but it wasn’t until his portrayal of Ray Charles in the 2004 release of the movie Ray when people stood up and took notice. In the same year while the movie buzz was still fresh, he sang the hook on the chart-topping Kanye West single Gold Digger, which was inspired by the Ray Charles hit I Got A Woman. Add all these factors together, and it makes a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, a slew of awards including an Oscar, and respect in not only the film industry but the music industry as well.

The first single on Intuition is Just Like Me and features the rapper keeping rap on the map, T.I. The song is upbeat and likeable. It is the first track on the album, and another five dope songs follow. Then we have the Intuition Interlude and after this point it is all slow jams, covering two themes: loss and heartache, like in Why and Overdose, or getting R.Kelly-level freaky, like in Freak’in Me and Slow.

The first half of the record is the more impressive. There are some solid tracks in the second half, Overdose being the highlight, however the slower songs don’t bring as much of the wow factor even if they do showcase Foxx’s voice and vocal range.

The best song on the album is Number One, and half the credit is due to its off the hook beat that comes with any Lil Wayne track, probably to make up for the fact that his lyrics are mostly jibberish. I Don’t Need It is also a stand out, and is probably the best example of Foxx’s versatile voice. Digital Girl features The Dream, one of the best R&B artists to grace the 21st century, so it’s a little confusing as to why his flow completely bites Kanye West’s.

Blame It is also a winner and the second single from the album, featuring everyone’s ‘it’ man of the moment, T-Pain. She Got Her Own is the remix to the widely successful Ne-Yo single Miss Independent and is a worthy follow up.

Foxx doesn’t disappoint on Intuition. He delivers some big names, he hasn’t lost his touch and he has a hand in the writing of a bunch of the songs. He shines in his upbeat tracks and the album is worth purchasing for these first six songs alone, even if you’re not into the slower stuff.

A worthy comeback after a four year break.

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