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The Harper Brothers – Why Does This Pop-Rock Cover Band Travel From France To Denmark Every Summer

Those looking for the “Harper Brothers” jazz band from the late 1980s featuring Vinard Harper and Philip Harper will be sorely disappointed. This is the original Harper Brothers created in the mid 1980s by Torchy Harper aka Clive Day. Torchy Harper spent his early years at a gas station in Watford, England with only his dog Sam and his brother Colin. Years later things changed. Torshi now lives in France and Colin has become an accountant and the subject of the song ‘In the City’. His dog Sam has now become a real boy and the dog is now known as Gary.

Torchy Harper now runs one of the messiest bars in the French Alps and spends the entire winter drunk, encouraging lively drinking games at ‘La Grotte’ in the ski resort of Serre Chevalier, France. In the summer Torchy usually rebuilds the bar from scratch ready for the next winter.

The Harper brothers have been playing regularly at Serra Chevelle since 2001 and have been constantly hit by a bearded Danish man named Alfred de Hansen Meringe, Denmark, who shows up every winter for his ski vacation. Alfred always said “You must come and play in my village in Denmark, the people there will love it!”. The Harper brothers get lots of offers like this and regularly give contact details and say “call us when you’ve lined up some gigs”. No one does, except Alfred.

In 2004, the Harper brothers made their first shows in and around Odense and Baringa. The reception was fantastic, the Danes love the warped and politically incorrect rock and pop band and join in the horrible drinking games in true Viking fashion. One red-haired, meringue-pale maiden was so impressed that she moved on to live in France and later married the guitarist in 2005.

The Harper brothers loved the enthusiasm and absolutely “over the top” hospitality of the Danish people. Anyone who thinks of Denmark as a cold and boring country should think again. In the summer the climate is great and the Danes are some of the warmest people you will ever meet.

The Harper brothers are:

  • Torchy Harper (vocals, guitar and harmonica)
  • Mike Sukov (guitar and vocals)
  • Ricky Molt (bass and vocals)
  • Niv McCasperan (drums, vocals and cross ding)

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