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Disney Halloween Costumes – How to Fulfill Your Childhood Fantasy Once a Year

Stir up our childhood fantasy once a year

Many of us grew up with Mickey Mouse, Bambi, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and many more of the original cartoon icons that Walt Disney brought to life in his amazing life like motion pictures.

As the pioneer of modern animation technology, Walt Disney was extremely daring in engineering new ways to entertain people and push the limits of our imaginations. He created the first scary animated character in the evil Queen Maleficent, featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It ended up being known as the best kid’s animated movie to watch for Halloween. And it is even watched by children today. The Walt Disney Company of talented animators is constantly adding to the number of iconic characters that offer more options in the Disney Halloween costumes worn each year on Halloween night.

This year kids are going to parties, dressing up in their favorite Disney Halloween costumes like any other year. Disney Halloween costumes for kids are some of the most popular costumes for kids every year.

For this reason…the Disney Halloween costume has been a first choice for children’s parties, office parties and many other costume events throughout the year. Many children will play “dress up” all year long with their favorite Disney costumes and characters, as these costumes have become one of their favorite everyday toys.

The list of Disney’s newest Halloween costumes that are expected to become classics starts with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Green Toy Soldier, Alien Costume (LGM), Princess Jasmine, Hannah Montana, the “Pirate Jack Sparrow” of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the characters of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Toddlers and babies still continue to love the older classic Disney characters as well. The most popular Halloween costumes with kids in general continue to be Disney Halloween costumes. Disney will always invent new characters to add to their line of movie and animation characters… but it seems we never get tired of the classics we’ve come to know so well… Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and it’s likely that Goofy will never disappear from the hearts and minds of countless children and adults from all over the world .

It would be very hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy indulging that child like nature in all of us who wants to become…the next superhero, or prom princess…for just a few hours every Halloween night every year.

I think Walt Disney would have giggled knowing how much fun he brought into the lives of all the little and big grown up kids in the world.

Here are some great resources for exploring options in Disney Halloween costumes and 2010 Halloween memorabilia.

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