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How to Put Together a Princess Birthday Bash For Your Daughter

Is it your daughter’s Sweet 16th birthday? And you have still not come up with an extra ordinary gift for your little girl? Then throw a Princess theme party for her and make her feel like a real royalty for a day! Dress her up and treat her like a princess and make this special birthday a life time memory for her. However, it is not an easy task and you need to brace yourself and pull up your socks to face a whirlwind of tasks and responsibilities to shoulder. Following guidelines will help you chalk out all the details to take care of and to make the task of throwing a Princess Sweet 16 birthday bash for your daughter much easier:

Step 1: Chalk out a budget for the party. Calculate ho w much money you can spare for the celebration. Then roughly divide the money for the each: venue, decoration and activities, return gifts, gifts for your daughter, catering, etc.

Step 2: First you need to select an appropriate venue. Since most of the guests are goings to be kids you need to make sure that the venue is easily approachable and safe for them.Select the venue that can be easily decorated according to your theme and where there is no restrictions of playing loud music, no parking problem, etc. Book the venue well in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Step 3: Appoint an Event management company. Choose a good and experienced company who have a good experience in managing a party on the same theme as yours. Check out the pictures or videos of their previous same theme parties and chalk out all the features, decorations and activities you want to include and which fits your budget.

Choose a fairy tale theme that revolves around an empress, like Snow White and Seven dwarfs, etc, where your daughter is the empress. Assign different characters to different friends.

Step 4: Select invitation card design and get them printed or else sketch them yourself. Mention all the details clearly and post the invites well in advance so that each of her friends can be present on her birthday bash. Mention the Princess theme, characters and clothes clearly.

Step 5: Book a huge and splendid cake. Remember the cake should be an exclusive one which goes well with the Royalty theme.

Step 6: Now is the time to buy presents for your daughter that will turn her into a real life princess on the special day. Buy her a beautiful royal dress complete with frills, ornaments, sandals and a pretty tiara. Lace her with royal jewels and flowers. Make sure the measurements are correct for a perfect fit or else The Royalty might get upset!

Step 7: Put together goody bags for the gusts and make sure they are on the lines of the theme, like royal jewellery, etc.

Take care of all the above details so that you can be care free on her birthday and can take part in her celebrations!

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