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My Passion for Books

I grew up reading books of almost all genres. I thank my parents for helping me develop this reading habit. Until the moment when I could not read or decipher what was written on paper, my parents were the ones who read me stories and things of general knowledge. So it’s no surprise that I enjoy books right now as much as anything else in this world.

Books I grew up on

As I recall, one of the earliest stories I heard was that of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was exciting to learn how much the dwarves loved the princess and vice versa.

“Gulliver’s Travels” influenced me even in my younger days, especially to learn how this world values ​​height over virtue. Well, I was a little disappointed when his movie failed to do justice to the actual book.

Then as I grew up, these were replaced by mystery and adventure books like Agatha Christie or The Famous Five. Then there are plenty of thrillers from those of Ian Fleming to autobiographies of great souls like Mahatma Gandhi.

A book I am currently reading

You must be wondering what I’m reading right now. I’m combing Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. This is not the first time I read the book. It is so compelling because every time I read it I get a different perspective on the book, its characters and the theme. Dan Brown did an outstanding job with his characters especially Langdon breaking the code hidden in the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

Recently I have been reading books on spirituality and self-help. Once I finish reading these books, I find myself in a much richer state of mind. I get “enlightened” so I find it very important to go back to these books from time to time to gather your bearings and move on.

Books I want to read

Now, as for the books I’d like to read- I really want to get Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom. Mr. Mandela is one of my greatest inspirations for the fact that he had the courage and determination to forgive those who abused him. It is a heartbreaking fact that he is no longer with us but I truly hope that his legacy of compassion will continue to be with us forever and beyond.

And finally

I truly believe that my passion for books will stay with me forever. I belong to a country where most people do not have access to books and printed materials. It is indeed a noble gesture that some non-profits have set up mobile libraries in these remote areas to help develop and nurture the habit of reading in people from a very young age.

I will talk about the lack of books and the prevention of the reading culture of young children in my country in my next article.

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